Bottom Line: Hard to go wrong through a Klipsch loudspeaker, and also the RP tower speakers are loud and effective like their predecessors, but the marginal design improvements could not be worth the extra cost. Probably yet another case wright here the finest choice will be whichever’s the the majority of discounted at the moment.

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Klipsch’s Reference Premiere series is a more recent and even better full lineup of loudspeakers, developed off of its currently great and also still extremely well-known Reference series. The lineup contains three different floorstanding tower speakers, just choose the Reference lineup does, via improved specs, enhanced design, however still through Klipsch’s signature ebony and also copper look.

Spec Overview

ModelRP-250FRP-260FRP-280FSpeaker Typepassive, ported, 2-way((Continuous Power Handling100 W125 W150 WPeak Power Handling400 W500 W600 WSensitivity96 db/W/m97 db/W/m98 db/W/mResponse Range35 - 25k Hz34 - 25k Hz35 - 25k HzWarranty5 years((Each of the 3 Reference Premier tower speakers varies in size and also power, yet otherwise have actually the very same architecture – they’re each clearly a corresponding upgrade from the reduced tier Reference tower speakers (R-25, R-26, R-28). Generally once carriers construct better tier or newer generation commodities, the architecture is a tiny flashier, yet the Reference Premier style interestingly appears to be dialed earlier a bit and understated. The port has been relocated to the back, the stand is now a standard extfinished base, and also the sheen bezel that formerly hoprovided the drivers has been removed. The horn has actually additionally been readjusted to a non-sheen vinyl finish that’s a lot closer to the cabinet end up. If a layperkid would certainly look at either, we think they can guess the non Premier version was the more recent and also better speaker.

We actually quite like the design – it seems choose a little of a throwago to an extra classical trademark Klipsch speaker, and the signature copper cones comparison better without sheen bordering. Or you deserve to opt to put on the consisted of front foam-grill and they’d look favor sensibly standard tower speakers.Functionally these speakers have been upgraded also, of course. Both the horn and also woofer products have been redesigned and also upgraded, and while the power specs are the very same as the reduced Reference versions – which is still incredibly loud mind you – the response floor has actually been slightly improved on all 3. Each is the sort of tower speaker that might sound excellent on its very own, without really needing a subwoofer prefer many kind of cheaper speakers would certainly. Klipsch offers a 5 year warranty on every one of it’s passive speakers, which is comparatively height of the line.

Our Overall Take, As Compared to the Competition

You really can’t go wrong with any kind of Klipsch loudspeakers, and also they tfinish to be the emphatic winner as soon as it involves power and loudness – not many kind of other comparable tower speakers boast the specs that the R and RP tower speakers have actually.That said, it’s difficult to justify paying much more for a Reference Premier speaker when the original Reference is still as good as it is, and the just tangible advancement with the Premier version is a slightly lowered response floor and a new design. Many kind of could understandably opt for a less expensive tower speaker and also spfinish the conserved money on a subwoofer. Also, many kind of world just don’t require the sheer amount of power each of these brings: Unmuch less you desire to fill an extremely huge room, they might be overkill.We suspect that Klipsch will inevitably retire the heritage Reference speakers and the Premiers will certainly eventually discount to about the same price to inevitably make method for the following lineup. Klipsch really likes to churn out the next generation products from what we deserve to tell. All in all? If you deserve to obtain any of the RP speakers at a discount, they’ll be a great buy that will last for many years. Otherwise? It could make sense to get a cheaper Reference collection while they’re still obtainable.

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