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Lab - Designing and also Implementing a Subnetted IPv4 Addressing Scheme


Addressing Table

Device interface IP address Subnet MasDefault

!ate"ay#$ !%&% $"()$*+)%)$&(





!%&$ $"()$*+)%)//&





Lo% $"()$*+)%)*&





Lo$ $"()$*+)%)",&





S$ 0LA. $ .&A .&A .&A

P1-A .I1 $"()$*+)%)/4&






P1-2 .I1 $"()$*+)%)(&(







Part $5 architecture a .et"or Subnetting Scheme

Part (5 1on6gure the Devices

Part /5 Test and also Troubleshoot the .et"or

2acground & Scenario

In this lab7 starting from a solitary net"or resolve and net"or mas7 you "ill

subnet the net"or right into multiple subnets) The subnet scheme need to be based

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on the number of host computers re8uired in each subnet7 together "ell as other

net"or considerations7 lie future net"or organize e9pansion)

After girlfriend have developed a subnetting scheme and completed the net"or

diagram through 6lling in the host and also interface IP addresses7 girlfriend "ill con6gure the

host P1s and also router interfaces7 including loopbac interfaces) The loopbac

interfaces are produced to simulate additional LA.s attached come router #$)

After the net"or devices and also host P1s have actually been con6gured7 you "ill use the

ping command come test because that net"or connectivity)

This lab offers minimal help "ith the actual commands necessary to

con6gure the router) :o"ever7 the re8uired regulates are noted in Appendi9

A) Test your no"ledge by trying come con6gure the devices "ithout introduce to

the appendi9)

.ote5 The routers offered "ith 11.A manual labs are 1isco $"4$ Integrated

Services #outers ;IS#s


>thernet cables together sho"n in the topology

.ote5 The !igabit >thernet interfaces top top 1isco $"4$ routers are autosensing) An

>thernet straight-through cable may be offered bet"een the router and also P1-2) If

using one more 1isco router model7 it may be vital to usage an >thernet

crossover cable)

Part $5 architecture a .et"or Subnetting Scheme

Step $5 1reate a subnetting system that meets the re8uired number of subnets

and re8uired variety of host addresses)

In this scenario7 you are a net"or administrator because that a little subdivision "ithin a

larger company) ?ou must create multiple subnets out of the $"()$*+)%)%&(4

net"or address an are to accomplish the follo"ing re8uirements5

The 6rst subnet is the employee net"or) ?ou need a minimum the ( host IP


The 2nd subnet is the administration net"or) ?ou require a minimum of $% IP


The 3rd and fourth subnets are booked as online net"ors on virtual router

interfaces7 loopbac % and loopbac $) These virtual router interfaces simulate

LA.s attached come #$)

?ou additionally need t"o additional unused subnets for future net"or e9pansion)

.ote5 0ariable size subnet fixed "ill not be used) every one of the device subnet

mass "ill it is in the very same length)

Ans"er the follo"ing 8uestions to help create a subnetting scheme that meets

the proclaimed net"or re8uirements5



Lab - Designing and also Implementing a Subnetted IPv4 Addressing Scheme



;&(*ight subnets (C/ +

.umber of hosts
/( hosts) (C E ( /% hosts every subnet



Lab - Designing and also Implementing a Subnetted IPv4 Addressing Scheme

Step $5 1on6gure the router)

a) >nter right into privileged >H>1 mode and then an international con6g mode)

b) entrust the #$ as the hostname for the router)

c) 1on6gure both the !%&% and also !%&$ interfaces "ith IP addresses and subnet

mass7 and also then enable them)

d) Loopbac interfaces are created to simulate extr LA.s top top #$ router)

1on6gure the loopbac interfaces "ith IP addresses and also subnet mass) After

they are created7 loopbac interfaces room enabled7 through default) ;To create the

loopbac addresses7 go into the command interface loopbac % in ~ the global

con6g modethernet %&$

interface) perform you obtain a reply
?es7 I got a reply

c) test to check out if P1-A can interact "ith P1-2) native P1-A7 open a command

prompt and ping the IP deal with of P1-2) do you acquire a reply
?es7 I acquired a reply

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Lab - Designing and Implementing a Subnetted IPv4 Addressing Scheme

d) If you ans"ered JnoK to any of the coming before 8uestions7 then you need to go

bac and chec all of your IP deal with and subnet mas con6gurations7 and

ensure the the default gate"ays have actually been properly con6gured top top P1-A and


e) If friend verify that all of the settings are correct7 and you have the right to still no ping

successfully7 climate there are a fe" extr factors that deserve to bloc I1MP pings)

3n P1-A and P1-2 "ithin =indo"s7 mae certain that the =indo"s Fire"all is

turned o for the =or7 :ome7 and Public net"ors)

f) >9periment by deliberately miscon6guring the gate"ay resolve on P1-A to

$%)%)%)$) =hat happens "hen you shot and ping indigenous P1-2 to P1-A

.o7 I obtained no replay) because P1-A gate"ay attend to havenBt to be con6gured

correctly the ping "ith deliberate miscon6gurations "ouldnBt be successful)


$) Subnetting one larger net"or into multiple smaller sized subnet"ors allo"s for

greater e9ibility and security in net"or design) :o"ever7 "hat carry out you thin

some the the dra"bacs room "hen the subnets are restricted to being the same


2015 Cisco and/or the affiliates. All civil liberties reserved. This document is Cisco Public. Page "of 12



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