“Lather and Nothing Else” is a brief story through Hernandez Teller, The story is around two the contrary characters, one unnamed barber and Captain Tortes. The main character that this story is the barber. He is a conscientious and also well-recognized barber in the town. The main characters of this story are the barber and also Captain Tortes. The barber was the protagonist and also Tortes was the antagonist. The barber is a revolutionary, but Tortes is the head that the armed forces regime the is trying come void revolutionary. The main problem Of this Story is man vs.. Self. The problem started when Captain Tortes enters the shop.

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The barber has to decide if he need to kill Captain Tortes While that was best in prior Of him together a customer. That knows that Tortes is his main enemy. If he kills him his civilization will worship him, but, top top the other side, Captain Torero’s people may not let the live peacefully. The barber lastly finds out that Captain Tortes knows he is a revolutionary. The story starts with the entry of Captain Tortes, and then the barber was unexpectedly frightened, The barber was nervous and scared by his customer. He doesn’t want Captain Tortes as his customer. The barber is covertly a revolutionary.

We can’t determine the exact trouble of the barber and Tortes in the meantime. Captain Tortes is one executioner from the beginning of the story but, the is not the only reason for his frustration. Later on, we have the right to identify the factor for barber’s nervousness the they both are mystery enemies. The barber himself determined to permit Captain Tortes go. He doesn’t desire to be a murderer favor Tortes, The barber is a revolutionary, yet not an executioner. He is a well- well-known barber in his town: he is just a barber, he doesn’t desire to stain his hands through blood.

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Therefore, he barber didn’t death Tortes, yet he had actually a hard time deciding if he need to kill his opponent or not. In this story, the barber has actually an inner struggle in which he should think around himself and also his position in the culture before making any type of decision. The barber deserve to kill Tortes, but he is saying that he is just a barber and also Captain is an executioner. That is just fighting versus the i can not accept rules and also regulations. Most Of the plot in this Story where takes location While the barber is cut Captain Tortes. At the end barber construed the reality that Captain Tortes knows his joining in revolutionary. That sis big twist i think.



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