Tonight’s legislation & Order: SVU Season 17, illustration 9 bring backs boy abductor, Lewis Hoda (Tom Sizemore) native Law & Order: SVU Season 14 episode 5. Lt. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and also her team that detectives need to work along with ADA Rafael Barba (Raúl Esparza) throughout Hoda’s trial to make certain he continues to be behind bars. Coming earlier for an figure on Law & Order: SVU Season 17 is Dr. George Huang (B.D. Wong), FBI criminal profiler and forensic psychiatrist, previously assigned to legislation & Order: SVU. Check out on tonight’s dramatically taking in Season 17, episode 9 recap.

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Lewis Hoda to be last checked out in episode 5, Season 14 of regulation & Order: SVU, “Manhattan Vigil”. The instance in suggest was about the kidnapping of a boy, Wyatt Morris i beg your pardon was connected to the unresolved loss a couple of years ago of an additional young boy, Hector Rodriguez. The proof led Olivia and also Law & Order: SVU spoiler detectives to Hoda, building manager of Wyatt Morris’ family who confessed taking both boys. If Wyatt to be saved, Hector’s continues to be were uncovered concealed under the concrete basement floor of an abandoned building.

Law & Order: SVU 2015 brings us to Hoda’s allocution proceedings to formalize his plea deal with the ar Attorney’s office. Prior to this, we see a clip of Olivia interrogating Hoda from 3 years ago around the abductions and Hector Rodriguez’s murder.

Present at the hearing to be Olivia, Laurie Colfax and also Dolores Rodriguez, mother of Hoda’s victims. However, instead of providing referee Hashi Horowitz an allocution because that his aforementioned crimes, Hoda rejects the deal. While in ~ chambers, he insurance claims his innocence and insinuates he was coerced into making a confession. He further challenged legislation & Order: SVU and also Barba to prove your case versus him in court using proof some of which room from end a decade ago.

Olivia and Barba talk to Laurie and also Dolores about recent developments. Barba’s strategy is to walk to trial with their strongest case first – Wyatt Morris’ abduction. Upon learning that Wyatt needs to testify versus Hoda at trial, Laurie refuses come let her son go with this ordeal because he hasn’t totally gotten over the trauma that his abduction. Dolores pleads to Laurie yet the last still refuses to aid despite expressing her empathy because that Hector’s mother. This pipeline Barba no other choice but to shot Hoda because that Hector’s abduction and also murder.

Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Detective Sonny Carisi approached Barba that was top top his method to Hoda’s movement hearing come ask if he can shadow the ADA throughout the trial therefore he could learn a few things. Sonny walk to law school in ~ night and enjoys having legal banters v Barba. Together they talk they conference Lisa Hassler, Hoda’s brand-new lawyer. She took end Hoda’s case after that fired Mr. Guthrie.

Back at the precinct, Olivia and Detective Fin Tutuola walk over details lock remember native Hector’s case. Simply then Sonny comes back giving positively sound feedback about the hearing although Olivia and Fin interject Barba didn’t discover it come be as awesome as he thinks. Sonny pointed out Barba is questioning if Law & order SVU can find something linking Hoda come Hector if the young was tho alive. Olivia and Fin remember the assistant cop, Officer Stephen Lomatin who noticed the arson sample Spoiler! i beg your pardon led detectives to Hoda as soon as they were investing Wyatt’s disappearance. Fin said Lomatin still keeps in touch v Detective Amanda Rollins and would just be willing to talk to her.


Fin and also Sonny discover Lomatin at Hector’s mural who was glad to get a speak to from Rollins. As soon as Fin and also Sonny questioned Lomatin if he’s watched Hoda with Hector, the assistant officer hinted he might say he had or whatever they want if the would aid him obtain into the new York Police Department. Fin and Sonny dismissively neglect this.

On their means to court, Olivia and also Barba fulfill Dr. Huang on the steps and the two former colleagues have actually a quick chat. We discover that Dr. Huang has now retired from the FBI and also does consulting. Barba go on to notify Olivia that Hassler hired Dr. Huang as expert forensic psychiatrist for the defense in Hoda’s trial. This confused Olivia due to the fact that Hoda no insane. She included Law & Order: SVU didn’t beat Hoda for a confession which led Barba to fist Olivia from sound too defensive on the stand.

In court, Dolores describes the events of the job she last experienced her child Hector. She testifies she waited because that years in hope because that Hector to come home. That is till Olivia proved her a snapshot of she son’s backpack which they found in addition to his remains when they dug up the basement. Barba inquiry Dolores if Hector’s path would have taken the by the building managed by Hoda. She replied yes and added she didn’t know the defendant at all.

On overcome examination, Hassler request Dolores if she had ever before seen Hector with Hoda. Come which she answered, “No”. Hassler further inquired if she had seen Hoda prior to police arrested him and also informed she he had actually taken her son. Dolores responded, “I nothing remember. No.”

Hassler ongoing her cross by inferring the in your desire to deal with Hector’s disappearance and murder, the police, specifically Olivia wanted to look at for somebody to blame – Hoda. Barba’s objection to this heat of questioning was continual by referee Horowitz. The implications of Hassler’s cross presented Olivia come be no hope to find closure because that Dolores so she had actually to manufacture a doubt in the human being of Lewis Hoda. This uncomfortable Olivia so lot she didn’t want to prepare for her testimony with Barba. But the ADA was rapid to emphasize if Olivia’s emotions gained in the method of her police work, Hoda could win his case and walk easily out of court.


During Olivia’s testimony, Barba played back Hoda’s video clip confession for the jury. Olivia clarified the defendant gave his confession voluntarily and also had been educated of his rights as well. She went on to testify Law & Order: SVU detectives became mindful that a few days after Hector’s disappearance, fresh concrete was poured ~ above the basement Hoda to be managing. Their investigation also turned up allegations the Hoda to be a child molester. As soon as they asked about the concrete, Hoda stated the old floor to be water damaged native a nearby fire yet Law & Order: SVU established it was too far away because that water to get back to his building. Barba concluded Olivia’s testimony by developing she, her partner or any of the other detectives did no apply any type of coercion, physical violence or threats to achieve Hoda’s statement.

At Hassler’s cross-examination, she highlighted to the jury the Olivia interrogated Hoda because that over six hours before transforming the video on. Hassler pressed top top Olivia’s aggressive tactics during interrogation – misrepresentation because that claiming there to be witnesses back non-existent; and also labelling the defendant a son molester. The latter sounding more threatening because that the defendant since it might lead to assault by inmates during incarceration.

When Hoda take it the stand, he sobbingly testified he just confessed since he feared Olivia was going to gain him eliminated in prison as soon as word got about he to be a boy molester. The went on claiming if that confessed she i will not ~ say he to be one so he would certainly be safe. Asked by Hassler if he thought them, Hoda responded he thought Law & Order: SVU to be framing him. He included he had actually never viewed Hector.

When it was Barba’s revolve to cross study Hoda, he played back the defendant’s confession video to the component where he stated Hector had a backpack. The jury additionally watched Hoda speak the boy talked come him and also even bugged him. In spite of that, that still denied killing Hector. He likewise added, he did not recognize the boy. When pressed further about police reports about his presence at the playground, Hoda seemed disconcerted and panicky.

In attempt the next day, Dr. Huang testified for the defense. In his mental assessment of Hoda, Dr. Huang go on to describe the defendant as scarred. He was physically abused by an alcohol addict father. Further, Dr. Huang stated Hoda was never ever able to settle the fear of his father’s abuse thus, he compensated by acquisition pride in impulsive physics behavior and macho posturing. As a an outcome of his trauma, Hoda would perform or say anything any person in authority such together Olivia would have actually wanted. To link matters, Dr. Huang likened the defendant’s humiliation throughout Barba’s cross exam to his father’s abuse. Barba had actually previously publicly asserted Hoda’s attraction to little boys. Given the defendant’s friable state, Hassler then summarizes the defendant would certainly be compliant to anything just to avoid being beaten by one accusation that feared and hated.


Back in court, Lomatin to be being wondered about by Hassler top top the stand. That is clean the counselor is trying come implicate Lomatin because that Hector’s murder. Hassler gift that throughout their investigation, Law & Order: SVU discovered Hector’s photos and that of other boys in Lomatin’s home. The auxiliary officer had likewise kept in touch through Dolores for the past 16 years. She further included Lomatin is taking anti-psychotic drugs which the jury takes an alert – Hassler had actually succeeded in underwhelming the officer’s credibility as a witness against her client.

After close up door arguments, referee Horowitz provides the jury last instructions before their deliberations top top the case.

Two work of deliberations and still no verdict, Hassler is being interviewed by Jenna Wolfe and a few reporters. As she is talking, Dolores walks approximately her an extremely upset. When approached by the reporter, Sonny leads she away leaving Barba to provide some comments to the press.

On job 5 of deliberations, anyone is called earlier to court. Unfortunately, over there is tho no verdict. Jurors haven’t got to a decision. Few of them are seeking clarification on coerced confessions because they have been debating even if it is Hoda’s explain was provided voluntarily. The judge thereby clarifies the conditions connected in a coerced confession. Simply as things could become an ext intense for law & Order: SVU Season 17; Olivia gets a call from Fin. That is through Amanda in ~ the hospital due to the fact that doctors placed her on pregnant monitors as result of slow love rate.

On a next note, Lomatin records up to Barba exterior the courthouse. He found out one of the jurors has an arrest record and also apparently no cops. The ADA notifies Lomatin this info is irrelevant as the jurors are now on deliberation and it is as well late to carry in an alternate.


After 6 days, among the jurors asked for the testimonies that Olivia, Hoda and Dr. Huang be re-read. At this point, Hassler tells Barba her client wants to plea to criminally negligent homicide, 3 come 8 years. Barba informs Olivia and Dolores about this transaction but more importantly to acquire Hector’s mommy on board given the jury’s delay in arriving at a decision.

As Barba and Hassler were around to notify Judge Horowitz the a deal, the clerk come in and the referee a note. The jury is deadlocked. Hassler no longer agrees come a plea deal. In court, the judge declares a mistrial. As a result, Lewis Hoda’s remand proceeds while the state decides just how it wishes to proceed. The jury is dismissed and court is adjourned.

Dolores speak Olivia, Sonny and Barba some of the jurors would prefer to light a candle because that Hector if the is okay. Barba says of course and also Dolores gratefully thanks him for everything he has actually done.

At the mural, Olivia pulls up through Laurie. Dolores cries and also tells she Hoda obtained away with it. But Laurie replies no, she spoke through her ex-husband and also Wyatt. They will cooperate and go come trial.

Law & Order: SVU Season 17, illustration 9 ends with Sonny in the hospital v Amanda. Olivia fall in to visit. All of sudden Amanda cries as she feels contractions. She battles in pain. A nurse who came automatically calls because that a doctor. Amanda is hemorrhaging and also the fetal heart price is slowing. The doctor rushes in and, ushers Olivia and also Sonny out of the room. The scene cuts to Amanda laboring while the doctor and also nurses provide to her as the illustration ends.

That’s our recap because that Season 17, episode 9 “Depravity Standard”, Law & Order: SVU’s loss finale. Join us again for much more reviews once Law & Order: SVU Season 17 comes earlier in January 2016.

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