Beautiful, isn’t it? girlfriend can produce the same beauty in the people right now.

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Last week, i talked about how ridiculously tough it is because that most world to live a life of continual positivity.

If you’re among the many civilization who are currently living a life of positivity, then you probably understand how difficult it can be. That’s why it’s precious saying it again:

Being an unfavorable is the simple route.

The real difficulty in life is detect the inner stamin to it is in positive sufficient to make the people a better place, even in the confront of unrelenting negativity.

Since it is a challenge, my score is to make living a confident life as simple as humanly possible for together many human being as I can reach.

Last week, I mutual three simple, however very an effective tips to stay consistently positive. This week, I’m walk to take it it a huge step more by offering you one an easy rule to soon (yes, instantly) do the human being a much more positive place.

Anyone can do it, friend don’t need any type of talent/skills/connections/education/etc, and most importantly, you can use this rule the minute you’re done reading this blog post.

Sound good? Let’s get to it.

The #1 rule of Positivity

This could sound simple, yet the easiest method to do this people a far better place is come commit to leaving everything better than exactly how you found it.


Can friend imagine how quickly the people would positively readjust if everyone committed come doing this everyday, in every interaction?

I believe that it’s possible.

The an excellent news is the this doesn’t mean starting a worldwide non-profit organization, finding cures for formerly incurable diseases, or finally solving that pesky world peace issue.

All the it bring away is doing something to leaving everything better than how you found it. That doesn’t issue how tiny the act is either, the just thing that matters is that you’re act something.

Here are a couple of of accurate millions of potential examples:

Pick increase a piece of litter and put that in the trash.If you see a car parked at an expired meter, placed some spare readjust in it.Smile at a stranger.Refill the coffee pot and/or the copier at job-related when they’re empty.Refuse the urge to interact in dispersing gossip, mean-spiritedness, and also other mindless negativity.Commit a random act of kindness.Consistently to speak “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me,” and also never be one of those human being who enables their moods to determine their manners.Help who who demands your help.

You don’t need to wait for thefictional “someone else”to do any kind of of this things. The reality is the you’re an extremely capable of doing all of those things best now.

As a reminder of the fact, I use this together my day-to-day self-imposed challenge:

No issue what, I will certainly leave every little thing that ns touch and also every person I meet a little better than I just how I discovered them.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, and also like I claimed earlier, it’s something that anyone can do.

So, space you up for the challenge?

Insanity in Action

Unfortunately, there might be someone reading this that is thinking:

“Yeah, this sounds cute and also all, however this human being is therefore hopelessly effed up that there’s nothing that I have the right to do to make it better.”

If you’re among those people, i cannot also express how wrong girlfriend are. Girlfriend can do something, and also this excellent quote from Helen Keller says it for this reason much better than I ever could.

I am only one, but I still to be one. I cannot perform everything, but still I have the right to do something; and because ns cannot carry out everything, I will not refuse to do something the I can do.” -Helen Keller

We can’t let the enormity of the task to avoid us native doing whatever we can do.

Tell me if any of the following estimates makes sense to you:

“Ugh, I have actually so lot weight come lose. There’s no means that I’m ever going to obtain to my right weight, so ns might too shove 3 large Macs in my face for lunch.”

“I to be in so much debt right now and I’m never going to destruction out of this hole, so i might too put that 60-inch HDTV the I’ve always wanted (but don’t need) top top my credit transaction card.”

“This civilization is together a mess and there’s no way that it’s going come get any kind of better, so what’s the suggest in doing anything around it?”

All these price quotes are pure insanity.

Any activity that gets united state closer to our score is much better than doing nothing, and it’s infinitely better thandoing miscellaneous that will drive us farther far from our goal.

Out that the three quotes above, it’s the third one that I’m involved with. Over there is a much better way to live our resides than selecting to go under that dark road, and also that’s wherein you come in.

I don’t require everyone to leaving the world a little much better than just how they uncovered it–Ijust need you to carry out it.

Yep, just you.

Like Helen Keller said, don’t refuse to perform something the you can do.

The actual Legacy

Everyone loves come talk about leaving a tradition after castle die, or leaving a tradition for their youngsters long after ~ they’re gone.

I say, screw that.

This isn’t about leaving a legacy when you leave this earth, this is around leaving a legacy whenever you leaving a room.

The very real fact is that your tradition is being created today. Best now, to be specific.

Think around this–what if you cursed to leaving every little thing that girlfriend touch a little much better than exactly how you uncovered it?

What if you shared this straightforward idea v 10people who committed to do the same thing?

That is specifically how we’ll positively adjust the world, and also there’s no one lively who deserve to convince me that it can’t be done. It all starts with one human being simply committing to leaving the human being a little better than he/she uncovered it.

You know that I’m “all in” when it involves this challenge, and also I sincerely hope that you space too.

All that we need to do is commit to leaving every situation and also every human being we fulfill a little far better than how we uncovered them.

That’s it.

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The civilization needs us, and also whether we’re prepared or not, our legacies are being created right currently at this really moment.

The only question is: What will certainly it be?

Your Turn

How room you leave the world a little better than exactly how you found it? Is this something the you’re at this time doing best now? Jump right into the comments below and also make your voice heard!