This main in the morning resurgence we come to Psalm 68, a psalm in God’s economy showing us Christ together the facility of God’s move on the Earth. Our God is a moving God, and also His relocate today is in man.

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The means He does things and also the way He move is in the rule of incarnation – that doesn’t do much apart native man. This is why this day we need to find out to give Him our full collaboration and allow Him to have an ext ground in our gift every day. Hallelujah, today God moves in man and also through man!

God’s relocate in the tabernacle with the ark

In the Old Testament, God selected a details people to it is in His people – and also He relocated through them among the nations. God carried His civilization Israel to mount Sinai and gave castle the law, and it was there that He charged Moses to develop the tabernacle with the ark, the incense altar, the lampstand, the showbread table, the altar, and also all the various other utensils.

God wants to move among and with His people, yet they space sinful – therefore, they require an altar to take care of their sins!

Also, they need to be supplied with the bread the the presence, they have to walk in God’s irradiate – a spiritual irradiate – and they require to have actually the incense altar because that them come pray come the Lord. The tabernacle was the ar of God’s move – once the tabernacle was moving, the people of Israel were moving. God’s presence was in the tabernacle, and also He led His world through the tabernacle.

God’s relocate in Christ together the real tabernacle

The tabernacle in the Old testament was a photo of Christ together the real tabernacle – the Word ended up being flesh and tabernacled amongst us (John 1:14) full of grace and reality.

The mr Jesus Christ is the actual tabernacle together the incarnated God – God dwells in Him because that His relocate on the earth. In the new Testament, God’s move on earth for His new Testament economy began with the incarnation that Christ, the actual tabernacle that God on earth. God doesn’t live and move in some physical tent, however in a human being being, the human of Christ.

Let God arise, and let His adversaries be scattered!

Psalm 68:1 is quoted through Moses in Num. 10:35 – anytime the tabernacle v the ark collection out, Moses said, “Rise up, O Jehovah, and let Your enemies be scattered; and also let those who hate girlfriend flee before You”.

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God moved through the tabernacle through the ark, and without the tabernacle the didn’t move. As soon as Christ came, God relocated in Christ and through Christ, and also without Christ God didn’t move. The facility of God’s relocate on planet is Christ – that was, is, and will be the tabernacle that God with the ark and also all the utensils!

God’s relocate in the tabernacle through the ark was from mount Sinai (Psa. 68:8b, 17b) with the wilderness (vv. 4b, 7b) to mount Zion (v. 16) – this was a kind of His relocate in Christ indigenous the incarnation to the ascension (John 1:17; Eph. 4:8-10).

Today God is still moving on the planet through the church, and He is moving with Christ together the facility of the church (1 Tim. 3:15-16; Psa. 68:4, 7). Christ is the facility of the church – and also God moves in Christ!

God’s move in guy is come deify man!

God’s relocate today is in guy – He move in Christ come come into man and also move in man. God’s relocate in man is to deify guy – to make male the exact same as the is in life and also in nature, however not in the Godhead (1 Cor. 15:45b; Rom. 8:10, 6, 11). The location of the journeying Triune God is not mount Zion but our human spirit! The Triune God stays in our spirit! The ark is Christ together the presence of the Triune God – and also He is in united state today!

Let God to happen – and also let every those that hate him flee and be scattered! Lord, have a cost-free way to relocate in guy today! make Your home in all our heart, and also have a means to relocate through us and also in us! to fill us with Your concern and also Your thoughts for God’s economy. Conserve us native usurping God or forcing God for our own safety, rest, peace, and also profit! We view Your profit, your rest, your satisfaction! Make us persons follow to your heart and also for Your economic situation with Christ as the center of God’s relocate on earth!