Link is commonly depicted with an extremely light blonde or brown hair, however his sprite in A attach to the Past has actually bright pink hair for seemingly no reason.

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The legend of Zelda entered the 16-bit era ~ above the super Nintendo in 1992 through the release of A link to the past (1991 in Japan), and also despite having the largest variety of dungeons Zelda play, A connect to the past it is also a rarity as result of its unique architecture for Link, who has pink hair. Connect is frequently depicted together a son or young adult pull on in environment-friendly with blonde hair. The connect in ALttP She quiet wears the iconic eco-friendly robe, however for some factor she has actually bright pink hair.

Each video game in the series has a various style, but Link has practically always stayed the same from an aesthetic allude of view. Native time to time friend will have actually multiple outfits, or also a wide selection of them together in Breath the the wild, wherein her main outfit is in reality blue, and inspired through The Winder Waker lobster pajamas. However, she hair is nearly always a blonde shade. Sometimes it is a very bright yellow together in Wind Waker, or a darker blonde as in twilight princess, yet A attach to the past It is the only game in which it has been pink.

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The strangest component of the situation is the it seems that Nintendo has never given a justification for Link’s pink hair in A attach to the past. Including to the confusion is the officer Nintendo instruction hands-on for ALttP, which has illustrations depicting link with his normal blonde head. It seems canonically, connect still has blonde hair on A connect to the past, but it was adjusted to pink for the video game sprite for some reason. Unfortunately, there may never be solution unless Nintendo decides to provide one, yet there room some theories.

Possible factors for Link’s pink hair in a connect to the past

Sprite connect with Pink Hair through ALTTP
A possible explanation because that Link’s pink hair in A link to the previous comes from an old forum article on Zelda universe, date from 2006. User Snarwin claims that the pink hair is the result of the Dark World turning Link into a bunny, and also therefore there to be no room in Link’s restricted 16-bit color palette because that his color traditional haircut v the pink bunny taking up a slot. However, as various other users sharp out, Link’s palette already has yellows and also browns in it, and also there doesn’t seem to be any reason why two different sprites should share a color palette.

Others posit that it was merely to do Link’s hair stand out from the rest of his sprite. Play A link to the past on an old CRT television in 1992 can have made it challenging to see attach well if his face, hair, and hat had a turbulent gradation indigenous skin ton to green. Some players, prefer a couple of various users in one Reddit thread from 2011, that theorized that Link’s hair was claimed to be brown, but it would have blended in too well v the surroundings, therefore it was changed.

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This is at the very least plausible, together the at an early stage versions the Link appear to have hair very close come a the shade of brown. Also his hair in the A attach to the past manual looks like a irradiate brown compared to Zelda’s shining blonde. Link would certainly not have blonde hair until Ocarina of time in November 1998. About a month later on Ocarina fell, a color version of Link’s awakening hit the video game Boy Color, and also the link sprite appears to have hair in a the shade closer to brown.

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According to the instruction manual for A attach to the pastIt seems that Link’s hair is canonically irradiate brown or dark blonde. Sometime between then and also Ocarina the time, Nintendo chose to make her hair brighter blonde. For everything reason, be it technical restrictions or a design decision, Link’s sprite in The Legend that Zelda: A connect to the Past pink hair was given. Unless Nintendo decides come divulge why, it might remain a mystery.