LINK countless Scholars" mission is to attach high potential afri American high institution students through mentors, resources, and also foundational an abilities required because that success together they advancement into, through, and beyond college.

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Mr. Jonathan T Swain

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2221 south State Street

Chicago, IL 60616 USA

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2221 southern State Street

Chicago, IL 60616

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2221 south State Street

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Our scholars are minimal to the educational alternatives within their neighborhood and socioeconomic situation. Due to economic and racial obstacles present in your communities, over there is a restricted expectation of what is possible to accomplish in your lifetime. Connect Unlimited Scholars seeks to close the opportunity gap. LINK"s goal is to foster financially stable, education young adults.

What are the organization's present programs, exactly how do they measure up success,and who execute the programs serve?

All link Scholars take part in 4 years of enrichment programs, consisting of summer school, tutoring, college readiness, management development, and an individual and spiritual development. Throughout summer, our freshmen, sophomores and juniors participate in a rigorous summer finding out experience: 120 hours complete (4 hours/day x 5 days/week x 6 weeks). Scholars take math, English, and Study skills or worldwide Perspectives class all v the target to avoid summer finding out loss. There room 3 sections of each subject with about 22 scholars per class. Logistical needs encompass the use of 7 classrooms and access to the computer lab/in-class modern technology M-F for six weeks indigenous 7:30am - noon. Seniors are urged to seek an internship or volunteer suffer to assist prepare because that their very first year the college.LINK’s programming during the college year is draft to assistance their scholastic experience in their high school. Every Scholar is sustained through study and also tutoring sessions, and also peer-led an individual and leadership breakthrough workshops, which commonly include variable study hours. Additionally, every juniors take part in a 6-week ACT prep course throughout the feather semester (February—April) of your junior year.

Throughout the program, connect assists scholars and parents in making educated college an option decisions by offering information and also guidance to help ensure fantastic placement with impressive financial-aid packages. Link has occurred a selection of distinctive career exposure and accessibility offerings for scholars throughout both their high school and also collegiate experience.Panel Discussions “Brown Bags” – transparent the scholastic year, attach invites varied working experts in Chicago come speak through our high college scholars around their own career paths and also educational choices. Brown Bag participants (including connect alumni) share details the their own college experiences and professional journeys.Career same - link scholars get involved in a career fair event every spring, which features recruiters and also professionals from target industries. Recent occasions have focused on job in jae won services and also law, v a wide variety of sectors represented.Corporate field Trips – local corporations welcome our scholar via scheduled attach corporate field trips, offering our young civilization with straight exposure to real-world work-related environments. Ar trip hosts have contained Lurie children’s Hospital, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Allstate, AT&T and Federal Courts.Lessons in Success - This is a distinct work-skills breakthrough lecture collection offered during LINK’s summer finding out program because that high institution rising-freshmen, sophomores and juniors. (High school seniors are urged to look for internship and employment avenues the summer prior to their very first collegiate year.)All seniors to visit a 3-day conference come receive details to successfully finish the university application and also financial assist process. We also support collegiate scholars in their initiatives to certain a post-collegiate opportunity in their liked profession, a service organization such as Teach because that America or the peace Corps, or admittance in come a selective graduate program.

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The mentor program is a cornerstone that the overall method at link Unlimited Scholars. Every Scholar is paired through a link Mentor recruited from Chicagoland’s skilled community. Connect mentors room civic-minded individuals who want to do a real distinction in the resides of our youth. Every year, us engage an ext than 200 mentors, pairing them one-on-one v our high institution scholars. Mentors go to building a one-on-one relationship with scholar for 4 years, giving encouragement, guidance, coaching and also support together they finish their college prep education.