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Insidious Lipstick-Face Demon refers to a series of picture macro parodies that a tho from the 2011 fear film Insidious in i m sorry the antagonist recognized as the "Lipstick-Face Demon"<7> shows up behind the film"s protagonist, josh Lambert. The image was initially used in picture macro memes around the movie in the early 2010s before seeing a revival in thing labeling mim in late 2019.


In the trailer because that the 2011 horror film Insidious, the film"s demon briefly shows up behind the film"s protagonist, josh Lambert. On October 15th, 2013, YouTube channel Movieclips classic Trailers uploaded the trailer, acquiring over 6.2 million views (shown below).


The image started seeing use in picture macros in the beforehand 2010s soon after the film debuted. Because that example, on September 15th, 2013, Memedroid<1> user sisterfister posted picture macro the the still the lamented that the moment was spoiled in the trailer (shown below, left). On might 3rd, 2012, photo macro comparing the demon come Darth Maul and also Animal native The Muppets showed up on Memecenter<2> (shown below, right).


The format went dormant for several years before reappearing in late 2019 as things labeling meme. For example, an object labeling picture in which mock Lambert is labeled "me make the efforts to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in the morning" and also the demon is labeling "poop" was posted on numerous subreddits in November of 2019 (shown below, left).<3><4><5> on November 24th, iFunny<6> user DarthBoner do a black color Friday joke with the template, getting over 120 likes (shown below, right).




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One person argued that previews must come through an NDA saying those who spoil the film acquire a $1 million fine.

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