We’ve had numerous customers end fifty years of raising mini horses. We had an internationally known Italian fashion and also leather items designer, a former Broadway stage producer, a famed singing mexican movie star, a founder and CEO of one of the world’s leading sellers of personal computers, and also the latest, an globally known restaurateur and reality TV star. Here’s the story the Lisa Vanderpump’s mini horses: exactly how they chosen, traveled, and also arrived at her residence in Beverly Hills for she husband Todd’s birthday.

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Lisa Vanderpump’s Mini Horses

The latest addition to the small America household is Lisa Vanderpump, one of the stars ofThe genuine Housewives that Beverly Hills,Vanderpump Rules, and a celebrity top top the 2013 season ofDancing v the Stars. She asked her friend, Tina to discover the smallest, ideal conformation, irradiate colored miniature steed that could be bought. Tina, an knowledgeable horsewoman who has trained Polo Ponies and also has participated in Polo for years, was the perfect selection for the job.

A common friendemailed me around a month back asking about the smallest and also best that we had accessible and i made some suggestions, yet didn’t hear back, so believed nothing that it. Reportedly Lisa, top top her very own had discovered a equine advertised together the the smallest in the world, so they determined that was the one castle wanted. However, ~ above flying throughout the country to acquisition the equine they discovered that the was no what they were seeking.

Realizing the time was very short due to the fact that the horse was to it is in a surprised for Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, who was having actually his 70th birthday on July 20, 2015. The horse had to be there if humanly possible. The is ironic the that is mine wife’s date of birth too and the twentieth anniversary of buying ours ranch in Buda. Us were at a horse present with 3 of the Thursday Kids, mine daughter Lauren and her boyfriend, thirteen minis and myself. Tina called however I was in the ring and also didn’t check my phone until much later. In desperation she went to a pair of other places, yet everyone called her the if she wanted the smallest available, to walk to tiny America. I finally checked mine phone Saturday night and found a couple of messages plus texts from Tina. I dubbed her back that night and said the I would certainly be happy to display her horses when I acquired back, however that wouldn’t be until Sunday night.

A pilgrimage to little America

The following morning she called ago and asked if there to be any way that someone might let she “preview” the horses prior to I obtained back. I reluctantly told she that i would contact Armando, that is my right hand man at the ranch, and also she could go over. Later in the afternoon as soon as I was watching the children show, Armando called saying the they, Tina and her husband, Hank, favored two of the horsesand really needed to acquire them the next morning. After talking to Tina ~ above the phone, i agreed and also asked Armando to clean the pair, little America’s Sensational Goldie and little America’s Galaxy Boogie, up and also halter break Galaxy who had just to be weaned a couple of days before.

Tony Greaves and also miniature equine on KXAN

When I acquired home Sunday evening, I saw the barn and also saw that he had clipped Galaxy and touched increase Goldie who had actually been displayed earlier in the year and had also made one appearance v me in February top top KXAN’s Studio 512.

He called me that we had actually to have actually them at the san Marcos airport at 9 the following morning since they to be flying to California to get to a birthday party that afternoon or evening!

When ns talked to Tina the night i told her the I necessary the contact information because that the brand-new owner so I can get the paperwork done. She inquiry if she can give me that details when she got earlier from California due to the fact that she can not disclose the name of the buyer before the presentation that the horses because it was going to it is in televised and she was not at liberty come tell me yet. She also said that she wasn’t sure, however that she could buy one of them and her friend the other, that she would offer her a choice. I stated that would certainly be fine and also proceeded to get every little thing ready. She want to additionally buy a display halter the they could use as soon as the horse was gift at the party. I always love a great mystery and also was up for it!

Miniature equines at airport

The next morning Armando and his son, Gabriel, went through me to the airport. Once we got there ns wasn’t certain where to go, so pulled right into the parking lot and called Tina. She told me to pull the end on to the tarmac and gave me the plane’s number. She claimed her husband and son, their pilot, were currently there and she was about 15 minutes away. Us pulled our mini pickup and also mini trailer the end to the plane. Once we unloaded the horses we drew a crowd of the workers and also each plane that landed while us were there walking them around.

Miniature equines at airport

We took some photos with Tina and her son/pilot, Houston, then loaded the steeds into the plane, a Cessna Mustang. An additional irony, mine nephew teaches pilots that plane at Simuflite Dallas, whereby he and his dad Ricky room both instructors. They had removed 2 seats, put down a tarp and also had it unique bedded with shavings because that the four hour expedition to the west coast.

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After the horses made it and the party to be done, Tina texted me that the buyer was Lisa Vanderpump and they were presents for she husband, Ken Todd. A day later on I to be at the USDA wait to obtain paperwork for equines going to Mexico, Ricky dubbed me and also said, “Your horses are top top TV. Lock were just featured top top TMZ.” From there the publicity has actually been fun to follow.

It turn out, Lisa to be shocked come see 2 horses, but decided the she couldn’t choose in between the two, so she to be going come buy both. Hank and also Tinawanted come buyGalaxy together their gift come Ken, yet Lisa insisted and also bought both the them. (TMZ reported mistakenly that she got a two for one transaction for $3,500. She had actually planned on one however ended up buying both. Plenty of other sources duplicated the erroneous info.) It happens that around a year back after a wonderful evening v Lisa and also Ken, Tina asked it s her what might she acquire a human who had everything. Then she thought, Lisa loves animals, ns love horses, how around a tiny miniature horse? She discarded the thought, then a year later, Lisa come up with the same idea! What is it they to speak about great minds?

Guess ns will have to set my DVR to document The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills next season for this reason I can keep an eye on ours pretty pair! stay tuned…The check out of the within of the plane

Lisa Vanderpump through her new miniature horses and friend Tina
Ken Todd v miniature horses
Lisa Vanderpump in the ago yard with her miniature horses, Goldie and Galaxy

Lisa Vanderpump horse stall

Lisa Vanderpump v her new miniature horses

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