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It’s no mystery that the web loves celebrity lookalikes, and ever since 13 reasons Why fight Netflix on march 31, star Dylan Minnette has actually been getting a lot of attention because that his duty in… Percy Jackson?

“Online, it’s all the time,” Minnette states of the frequency through which civilization confuse him because that actual Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman. And even in person, Minnette admits that the mistake is happening much more frequently. “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh mine god, have the right to I ask girlfriend something? You to be in Percy Jackson, right?’ I’m like, ‘No, different guy.’ however they still know that I’m one actor, and also they’ll go, ‘Then what is it?’ ‘Well, it’s nothing the Logan Lerman is in, but…'”

Eventually, Minnette determined to have some fun v the occurrence, which is why he sent out a tweet around it ~ above April Fools’ Day with the joke: “Alright, April Fools; i AM Logan Lerman.”

“Recently i was at the airport, and before I also got on my flight, I acquired three various Percy Jackson encounters,” Minnette says. “One time, this guy at this music festival would certainly not permit me off the hook that ns was Percy Jackson. He was like, ‘Quit lying to me, bro, I recognize you’re Percy Jackson.’ ns was like, ‘I swear to God, I’m no Percy Jackson.'”

In fact, he’s never also met Percy Jackson. “I think Logan is awesome and really talented. Ns think he’s amazing. I’ve never met him, yet I’m honored to be mistaken because that him, for this reason that’s great,” the says. “I’m in ~ above the joke. From now on, when civilization recognize me I’ll be like, ‘That’s right, Percy Jackson was a great time in mine life,'” he adds v a laugh.

And for the Percy Jackson uninitiated, over there is another duty Minnette gets approached about every now and also then: that time he trick-or-treated for ear on a season 4 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. “I was prefer two feet tall, and people still somehow identify my confront from 20 seasons ago on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s crazy,” the says. “I haven’t seen it in forever, for this reason when people come up to me, I’m like, ‘How carry out you mental this? i don’t even remember this!'”



Oh, but we do. a reminder that Minnette’s memorable (and adorable) guest-starring role on Grey’s, above.

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