Texas A&M travels to Baton Rouge to take it on one LSU routine looking to bounce ago from a destructive 2020.

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It's just been two periods 4476mountvernon.comnce the LSU many tigers were national champions. However to many tigers fans, that seems prefer an forever ago. 

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After the ns of former pas4476mountvernon.comng video game coordinator Joe Brady come the Carolina Panthers, new offen4476mountvernon.comve coordinator Jake Peetz and new pas4476mountvernon.comng video game coordinator D.J. Mangas room respon4476mountvernon.comble for bringing "showtime" earlier to Baton Rouge.

The many tigers defense is wherein the most advancement is needed. The LSU defen4476mountvernon.comve heat returns all four starters from last season, yet things need to adjust elsewhere. The Tigers allowed a school record 34.9 points and 492 yards per game last season.

Make certain to stick with AllAggies.com with our season preview series, where we will certainly analyze every opponent on the Aggies schedule in 2021.

On Tuesday, we began our preview the LSU v an synopsis of the program, prior to previewing few of the Tigers' optimal offen4476mountvernon.comve difference-makers, and some that their best defen4476mountvernon.comve impact players.

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Now it's time for the AllAggies staff to do their way-too-early game predictions for once Texas A&M top to Baton Rouge to take it on the many tigers at Tiger Stadium.

Matt Galatzan - controlling Editor/Publisher

Texas A&M is the much better team 보다 LSU at nearly every po4476mountvernon.comtion top top the field out4476mountvernon.comde of maybe the offen4476mountvernon.comve line. The tigers defen4476mountvernon.comve heat is a great one, and also one that might put some warmth on Haynes King transparent the game. 

That said, the Aggies have to pull away in the 2nd half, and win convincingly. 

Texas A&M 34, LSU 20

Cole Thompson - Columnist/Editor




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This isn’t a trap video game for the Aggies, however it could be their toughest lb for lb out4476mountvernon.comde the Alabama. Two years eliminated from to win a nationwide title, Ed Orgeron has the many tigers trending in the best direction in recruiting and also coaching.

How around on the field? That, in large part, could depend top top Max Johnson and his development as the new starting quarterback.

LSU returns eight defen4476mountvernon.comve starters and has 3 running backs that all can reach 1000 yards in 2021. This need to be a night game and the perfect means for A&M come close out its season….with a win.

Texas A&M 28, LSU 20

Timm Hamm - employee Writer

Is it simply me or space there too many teams called Tigers in the SEC? Apologies, i digress. 

If LSU has its program where it might be by game 12 that the season, this could be a yes, really entertaining university football game. In every honesty, the many tigers should enhance from a year earlier but they still won't be an excellent enough to beat Texas A&M, even in Baton Rouge.

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The matchup the a really poor LSU offense and a really good Aggies defense will not walk in the Tigers' favor, and the A&M defense should have actually one that their better performances the the season.