This stock looks quite cool and also offers a continual cheek weld a and also a nice sturdy lockup. It comes with a qd finish plate and also the buffer tube and castle seed to lock it in place.

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That being said,

Is this thing worth 200$?

Is it really the watercraft anchor world ay that is?

Is the A5 recoil tube a big enough improvement?

Does anyone's challenge fall off right into the void that is towards the end of the stock?

I had actually my heart set on the BCM mode 0 stock and then I uncovered out around this.


I love my gen 1 UBR stocks much more than mine gen 2. That said, i think castle both good. Ns saw posts a when back around a really competitive 3 gunner that was a 16 year old girl opting because that the even heavier Gen 1 UBR and not gift bothered, which marketed me top top the idea of utilizing one ~ above a general use build. I have 3 gen 1 and 1 gen 2.

That said, Travis Haley said me he thinks it’s also heavy during one of his classes that i attended and also I think his words host a the majority of wisdom. I have a feeling that his needs and also those of a 3 gunner or other comparable competitor/amateur space not the very same as his though.

I think Travis Haley remained in the military so load for a soldier way so much an ext to them 보다 us. I'll probably obtain it. The load in the rear would probably assist balance the end the rifle.

It's no any much more of a watercraft anchor than other Magpul stocks. The idea is the you should have the length of pull readjusted to wherein your face is ~ above the cheek rest, not in the gap. Together for if it's worth it, well, that's as much as you. There space a many stocks the end there. Some more expensive, some less. It's a Magpul, it has qd points, the Gen 2 ubr has storage compartments, and also it has a decent profile to it, yet ultimately it's your money.

With the gen 2 UBR i have never had an concern with my cheek being in the gap. It always falls somewhere on the stationary part of the stock. I really choose the UBR.

Yes it’s remarkable heavier than the much less expensive magpul stocks and also other adjustable stocks out there, yet I take into consideration to be good rather 보다 bad. Long-barreled AR 15s space front hefty so a hefty stock helps lug the facility of the rifle’s load closer come the tight making it more comfortable to organize the rifle in one hand during magazine changes, etc. The overall weight the the rifle shouldn’t feel too hefty with this stock, it will simply make the balance slightly better IMO.

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Is it worth $200? That entirely depends on how much money you want to spend. The UBR feeling solid, heavy, and also doesn’t rattle in ~ all. They room worth the money if you are willing to spend it. If cash is tight, you’re much better off placing that money in the direction of a an ext important accessory such together a create or optic. Although i really prefer the UBR, an high-quality buttstock on one AR15 is towards the bottom the the perform of priorities. Simply my 2 cents.