Alternative : 魔王軍最強の魔術師は人間だった,The Maou Army\"s strongest Magician to be a Human

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Maou pistol Saikyou no Majutsushi wa Ningen datta summary:

“Maou Army’s strongest magician” I’m called. Ike, a demon capable of catching a fort alone. Clearing away enemies with enormous magic, that is without a doubt a monster awed through friend and foe. However, he has actually a mystery he can’t tell various other demons. “I, actually I’m person you know.” Using modern-day knowledge to save his secret, he ended up being treated as a an excellent commander and also the driving pressure of the Maou’s army.
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Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Chapter 19.337,184Sep-13-21
Chapter 19.263,950Jul-19-21
Chapter 19.165,131Jul-18-21
Chapter 18.384,269Jun-12-21
Chapter 18.286,966May-20-21
Chapter 18.169,525May-20-21
Chapter 17.495,775Apr-26-21
Chapter 17.371,661Apr-26-21
Chapter 17.272,410Apr-26-21
Chapter 17.1107,530Mar-26-21
Chapter 16.379,446Mar-26-21
Chapter 16.298,166Mar-04-21
Chapter 16.183,521Mar-04-21
Chapter 15114,892Jan-19-21
Chapter 1487,820Dec-27-20
Chapter 1386,327Nov-12-20
Chapter 1282,692 Oct-27-20
Chapter 1192,397Aug-30-20
Chapter 1089,704Jul-27-20
Chapter 982,721Jul-21-20
Chapter 890,571Jul-08-20
Chapter 7184,711Feb-27-20
Chapter 6187,344Dec-21-19
Chapter 5183,077Dec-08-19
Chapter 4208,889Nov-21-19
Chapter 3226,280Oct-12-19
Chapter 2246,414Aug-17-19
Chapter 1315,131Jul-22-19

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