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Whether you’re in a glittery gown or eating takeout at a friend’s house, everyone has actually their own new Year’s eve traditions. However at some point during your life you more than likely turned right into some of her favorite pop and also rock stars together they ring in the brand-new year on TV.

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It’s one understatement come say that over the past two decades there have been much more than a few great performances, however there have been part clear standouts. From teen-pop to punk, penis Clark, Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly have actually all organized some of the most memorable new Year’s eve performances of every time. See who make our perform below.

Mariah Carey, 2013

Before Mariah Carey delivered her controversial 2016 new Year’s night performance, she did slay the vacation celebration three years prior. V a medley of “Hero,” “We belong Together” and also “I give My All,” Mariah’s soaring vocals and over-the-top vacation cheer fill fans through joy.

The Jonas Brothers, 2009

It may have actually been below freezing in time Square, yet that didn’t prevent Nick Jonas from elevating the temperature v his voice. In singing “Burnin’ Up,” the band of brothers filled the audience v blissful pop... And put some more optimism into the cosmos at the very same time.

Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett, 2015

Imagine a an ext iconic duo 보다 Lady Gaga and also Tony Bennett. Serenading the crowd with “Cheek to Cheek,” Bennett and also Gaga do for the many elegant and talented odd couple to ever grace the NBC new Year’s night stage.

Green Day, 1999

Remember once Carson Daly and also Jennifer Love Hewitt dated? the was almost twenty years ago. We didn’t until we saw this video. It’s likewise a good reminder the there to be a time when rock rule the new Year’s night performances. This gritty eco-friendly Day medley is the alt-rock band at its finest, performing “Scattered” and “Good Riddance (Time of your Life).”

There’s no denying Miley Cyrus has actually some that the most incredible tube in the business, however she mirrors her talent is in that is prime with this time Square performance of “Get that Right” and also “Wrecking Ball.” during this performance, Cyrus’ husky, soulful vocals have never sounded better.

Blink-182, 2002

Back once Tom DeLonge to be still in Blink-182, the punk-rock trio yielded one that its finest performances on cock Clark’s brand-new Year’s Rockin’ Eve, singing hits “First Date” and “The rock Show.” your energetic concert from brand-new Year’s eve past should serve as incentive for DeLonge come reunite through the group.

Jennifer Lopez, 2017

When Jennifer Lopez had her residency in ras Vegas, we didn’t know that would mean gaining a live new Year’s Eve performance on TV. Not just does J.Lo look at ageless, however she travels ago to the hits that made her increase in the music step with powerful performances of “If You had My Love” and also “Get Right.” there’s no denying she still gained it.

Taylor Swift, 2015

In respect of her first full-on pop record 1989, Taylor Swift carry out singles “Welcome To new York” and also “Shake the Off” in the love of times Square on prick Clark’s new Year’s Rockin’ Eve. She confirmed that even with an outdoor power on live TV she can do no wrong through her gorgeous vocals.

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There was no lip-syncing throughout Christina Aguilera’s 2007 live present during brand-new Year’s Eve, you have the right to be certain off that. Aguilera’s hypnotic vibrato brought her with a festive set of “Candyman” and also a solid performance the “Fighter.” Come earlier with a new record soon, Christina!

One Direction, 2015

To say One Direction slayed its new Year’s night performance two years earlier is an understatement. It’s emotionally to watch all the band together again, but the five members every look and sound like stars top top stage. Take care of Styles and also Liam Payne bring this performance through style and also grace, and also make united state yearn because that a reunion.