Big Brother fans can"t wait to lastly see what the U.S. Version of Celebrity big Brother has in store. People are already excited due to the fact that the cast looks incredible and includes a most familiar deals with like mark McGrath, though some might not understand this absent star off-hand. So who is mark on Celebrity huge Brother? He"s obtained a little bit of a wild side.

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Mark ended up being well recognized as the frontman for the alt-rock band, sugar Ray. The tape found huge success in the "90s with popular songs like "Every Morning" and also "Fly," however, your popularity started to fade out around the early 2000s. Shortly after, the band made decision to take it a hiatus and during that time Mark determined to host Extra, an entertainment news show. Due to the fact that then he"s pretty lot stuck through TV work, coming to be a hold for series like Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious, The Greatest, Don"t Forget the Lyrics!, That"s therefore 90s, and also Killer Karaoke.

Similar to few of his various other houseguests, note has additionally competed on The Apprentice and also he"s showed up on other reality series like Celebrity wife Swap. More recently, you might have also spotted note in Sharknado 2: The second One and Sharknado 3: five Hell No! He was additionally in the film, A 2nd Chance, which come out last year.

As for his music, note did release a solo EP ago in 2015 titled Summertime"s Coming, but he hasn"t released any brand-new music due to the fact that then. That being said, that does proceed to tour with the band. Critical year the was component of the ns Love the 90"s summer tour, which likewise featured mischievous by Nature, TLC, Biz Markie, Montell Jordan, and also a couple of others. The hasn"t been announced yet if the tour will continue again this year and also if mark will it is in a component of it.

Besides his talent, note is additionally known for sometimes doing outrageous things. Because that example, one old video clip of mark yelling in ~ a teenager who referred to as him "Sugar Gay," resurfaced in 2015 and also unfortunately many began to know him because that that quite than for his music. Although much less outrageous, note was additionally put in a bad light as soon as he, together with Sugar ray guitarist Rodney Sheppard, were sued by two former members the the band, Murphy Karges and also Stan Frazier, in 2013.

Karges and also Frazier claimed Mark bashed castle on Twitter and also "cheated them out of money, and also prevented them from rejoining the band," according come The Hollywood Reporter. The pair likewise claimed note tried to "misappropriate the Sugar ray trademark by licensing it come a newly produced shell corporation" and also made requirements to gain paid at least $10,000 every live show. That course, note countered those claims, speak they to be false. It"s unclear exactly how or as soon as the court situation played out.

Besides all the drama, note seems come be living a nice happy life. He married his longtime love, Carin Kingsland back in 2012, and the couple have twins, boy Lydon and also daughter Hartley. In his actors bio for Celebrity large Brother he claimed "being away from my family" would be the most an overwhelming part for him gift in the house.

However, thankfully for him, this execution of Big brothers will be shorter than most and also Mark revealed in his bio the he"ll be using that truth as part of his strategy to victory the game.

"Since this is a truncated, expedited version of the game, playing the wall surface might no be the best strategy," that explained. "Hearts room gonna be damaged early and there"s i do not have anything to hide. So I number you might also come in hot!" Suffice come say, girlfriend shouldn"t expect note to be a floater. The plans on playing the video game to win.

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You can fulfill Mark and also the rest of the Celebrity big Brother houseguests as soon as the show premieres Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. ET top top CBS.