The weddings are done, and so am I. Execute you have any type of idea the emotional and also financial toll that attending 10 weddings deserve to have ~ above a woman? mine feet room sore, my reserves of tiny talk are exhausted and my hands room scratched from every those bouquets I've to be stealing turn off people.

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The four remaining set of newlyweds are prepared for their honeymoons and also I'm tagging along like a waiter that won't avoid asking friend if "everything's alright here?".

I patiently wait for someone to slide a suspicious keep in mind under my front door.

It's most likely a ransom note, tbh. (


Honeymoon destination: gold Coast, Queensland

"Ivan is happy as pie at the moment," he speak us, yet I always insist on law a welfare inspect when who starts introduce to us in the third person, or together some type of pastry. 

Aleks and also Ivan are remaining at a ~luxe~ hotel ~ above the yellow Coast since they choose the finer things in life. Finer things: oysters and also a rolls Royce.

"I feel like a champagne-swigging, cigar-smoking Pablo Escobar in this place," that says, do an interesting admission on national television.

There's a third party on this honeymoon (it's not Pablo, though that would certainly be good television). Lot to Aleks' annoyance, Ivan is glued come his phone, making frequent work calls.

"Per my previous email..." (

She make the efforts to odor him by hiring a driver to take it them roughly town in a rolfes Royce, yet it doesn't work. Karma access time him choose a rolls Royce, and also he loser his phone down the next of the seat and also can't retrieve it. I didn't understand that the side of roll Royce seats were the Upside Down, but apparently this call isn't coming back.

Later that night, in a dark hotel garage, the concerned driver (and probably some spies that were here for other reasons) city hall on together Ivan tries to grab his phone. No luck.

The next day, the driver meets Ivan in the hotel room and also tells that they should send the automobile to the rolls Royce dealership for this reason they can get the phone, and they'll send the phone come Ivan in Sydney in a week-and-a-half.

He additionally tells Ivan he damaged the seat once he make the efforts to traction it the end the night before. Ivan demands to salary up.

"No more touching the car," the driver warns.

Aleks is pleasantly surprised as soon as Ivan doesn't "have a tantrum".

(It's great to have actually standards.)


Honeymoon destination: Broome, western Australia

Connie and Jonethen are acquiring on well, however Connie hasn't had actually a kiss in a year and also she wants her husband to lay one on her.

Jonethen claims there's chemistry, but describes himself as a "snail" as soon as it pertains to the early stages the a relationship. An amazing observation indigenous the guy who walk on a show called Married at first Sight, but we'll let it pass.

Eventually they have a an extremely open-mouthed kiss. Ns watched it. You most likely watched it. We'll all just try to move on.


Honeymoon destination: Queenstown, new Zealand

Mishel is the many relatable ever before in tonight's episode. She speak Steve she loves adventure, except the minute she and also Steve start doing adventure activities, she realises she hates it.

It's favor me every time ns decide i feel choose camping. Then i realise I favor camping as long as there space toilets, a full-sized kitchen, air-conditioning and a shopping facility within a kilometre that me.

Mishel and also Steve walk skiing, and also Steve is nervous due to the fact that he's not really right into the idea. Except he loves it, and Mishel spends many of the job doing some light complaining.

Steve is not having actually it. Later, the calls her the end for it.

"A lot of my friends call me a whinging Pom... All I've had today is a whinging Aussie."

"It f---ing suck that my knee is f---ed, for this reason I'm a little bit pissed," provides Mishel, not reaching very far into her bag the adjectives.

"Don't sit there and swear in ~ me and 'f' in ~ me prefer you room doing. I don't evaluate it. If her knee is buggered, that's not my issue. There's a way of talk to somebody, Mishel, without swearing in ~ them. Ns don't deserve it," Steve shooting back.

They argue because that what feels like hours, till Mishel at some point apologises because that complaining.

"I'm i m really sorry that i was... A whinging Pom," she speak him. They (literally) kiss and make up.

Wanting come make points up to Steve, Mishel suggests they go the end for his favourite meal: Spaghetti bolognese.

I recognize a great chef, guys. (


Honeymoon destination: Fiji

At dinner during their first night in Fiji, Stacey assures Michael that she's not always so guarded. She speak him she's been v a lot, and just needs to permit her walls come down. Yet she guarantees it'll happen.

Except the next morning points take a revolve for the worse.

Apparently after their dinner, Michael acquired drunk through some people he met and became "arrogant" and "a little bit of one a---hole".

Stacey is furious — an especially because the waited so lengthy to apologise.

"You might have Shakespeare the end here and he couldn't compose a far better apology than I simply said, execute you recognize what i mean?" Michael says.

This is… a lot. Firstly, Shakespeare absolutely could write a far better apology than Michael's. Secondly, no ns don't entirely know what he means. Thirdly, I favor the an approach of apologising because that your regarded arrogance by explain you're A far better WRITER 보다 SHAKESPEARE.

"Let me go acquire us those 2 jet skis and let's just jump ~ above there," he says, trying to cheer Stacey up. "Let the air, the new sea breeze hit our face."

"I expect a shark access time you," Stacey speak him. (How? together in colliding v him or by slapping him through a fin or that is tail? This is currently all I can think about.)

"A infant shark?" asks Michael. (God, he's obsessed with 'Baby Shark'.)

"A big motherf---er," she says.

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They have a great day — sans shark, i m so sad — and Stacey rewards Michael by opening up around her past. She speak him around the death of she father and also her brother, and also he hugs her and thanks her for informing him.