Find impetus for a demure wardrobe in our photo gallery over with the 19 ideal modest red carpet watch by Mayim Bialik! (Photo: WENN)

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Mayim Bialik looked together elegant as ever in a multicoloured gown because that the 2017 death Awards. (Photo: WENN)

Mayim look at elegant through an all red, laced dress paired v grayish velvet stilettos during the People’s selection Awards 2017. (Photo: WENN)

Mayim wore one eye-catching patterned skirt v a level black top and also a animal leather jacket draped over her shoulders for the Elle ladies In Comedy 2016 celebration. (Photo: WENN)

Mayim glammed increase in a chic red gown v black animal leather motorcycle jacket and also strappy stilettos for the show’s 200th episode party. (Photo: WENN)

Bialike came down on the 22nd yearly Screen actors Guild Awards in a black color long-sleeved gown v gold embellishment. (Photo: WENN)
“The huge Bang Theory” actress opted for an emerald eco-friendly dress as she come to the 2016 annual Critic’s an option Awards. (Photo: WENN)
“The big Bang Theory” star stroked a pose in a lace, black and nude dress for the variety & females in movie 2015 Emmys Party. (Photo: WENN)
Mayim put on a navy-blue dress v black sleeves and lace details for the 2015 Emmy award Performers Nominee Repection. (Photo: WENN)
“The large Bang Theory” actress made stunned at the 19th yearly Art directors Guild Excellence in Production style Awards wearing a La Petite Robe long-sleeve peplum dress. (Photo: WENN)
Bialik wore voluminous skirt and also long sleeved imperial blue lace dress by Oliver Tolentino at the 2014 Emmy Awards. (Photo: WENN)
Mayim wore a metallic gold dress paired v a black color jacket and matching heels at the 66th annual Emmy Awards Performers Nominee agree in 2014. (Photo: WENN)
Mayim Bialik in a red lace dress by Tadashi Shoji for the 2014 Critic’s selection Awards. (Photo: WENN)
Mayim wore a peculiar gothic-inspired lilac dress through black lace overlay because that the 2014 sag Awards. (Photo: WENN)
Mayim attract a sparkly brown sequel Alice and Olivia dress for the 2013 annual GLSEN Respect Awards. (Photo: WENN)
“The big Bang Theory” actress walk from geezer to glam in one emerald green dress by Oliver Tolentino in ~ the 2013 Emmy Awards. (Photo: WENN)
Mayim Bialik in a red lace dress at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards show Nominee Reception. (Photo: WENN)
Mayim Bialik stood out in an electric blue tradition Waters gown spanned in ladylike lace come the sag Awards 2013. (Photo: WENN)

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The actress confirmed off a glowing red Pamella Roland Gown at the 2012 Emmy Awards red carpet. (Photo: WENN)

Forget about see-through fabrics, plunging necklines, and miniskirts—modesty is the new cool! Ok, ok, no really, but A-listers choose Mayim Bialik, additionally known as Sheldon’s girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler, prove that you don’t have actually to show off whatever that you’ve acquired to look at absolutely gorgeous.

The huge Bang concept star is an example of standing because that her id in modesty—no matter what those roughly her think. Despite sometimes gift condescendingly labeling a prude, Mayim rod by she values, noticing the difference her choices can make on others.

“Being a modest dresser, that for me is a details amount of my religious faith, privacy and also chastity. Just due to the fact that I have actually a body, doesn’t typical it means to it is in on display.”

Because you recognize what castle say! Why purchase the cow once you can get the milk because that free? protect your dairy and also find incentive for a demurewardrobe in our photo gallery above with the 19 ideal modest red carpet looks by Mayim Bialik, who is celebrating her 42 birthday today!