Melanie Brown, additionally known as Mel B, seriously suitable up for Tuesday’s live show of America’s gained Talent. It was a big night and it referred to as for a huge look, and celebrity designer Rocky Gathercole delivered with a sheer, bespangled, body-covering jumpsuit.

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Before attending to her judging duties, the previous Spice Girl stepped ~ above the red carpet in a look the seemingly channeled mystique from X-Men, yet with a few trendy twists.

In a marvel that fashion engineering, the suit began high on she neck and encased she feet and hands. Mel retained things ideal for primetime television thanks to the cautious placement of gems on the entirely sheer fabric, yet she still obtained to display off her abs and even a tattoo on she torso.

“I’ve sort of dived into a little bit of see-through ingredient before, however today ns was emotion the blue superhero vibes,” she stated to Entertainment Tonight. “I’m favor a girly girl. I favor to do dress-up.” Mel perfect the look v a basic side-swiped hairstyle and barely over there makeup.

Gathercole’s occupational has showed up on the red carpet prior to on celebrities such together Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez, 3 women who’ve adopted the slim dress and also jumpsuit tendency in the past. The looks are frequently so showstopping that clients tend to conserve them for stage performances and also fashion mirrors — Gathercole even designed Britney Spears’s ensembles for every her las Vegas Piece that Me residency billboards.

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Brown wore this one-piece simply a day after Kim Kardashian opted for something similar.


If the old adage stop true that “three’s a trend,” who going to step up next?

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