The Menendez case came to be an worldwide sensation the was a major story in the joined States and other countries. Mine articles showed up in the Miami Herald, People, and also Playboy and many foreign magazines.

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The Menendez household in 1988, one year prior to the double murders that Jose and also Kitty Menendez at their mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Native left: Twenty-year-old Lyle, a college student at Princeton University; parental Kitty and Jose; and also seventeen-year-old Erik.

March 12, 1990: Lyle (L) and Erik Menendez sit in Beverly Hills Municipal Court wherein their attorneys delay making pleas on behalf of the brothers who space suspected in the murders of their millionaire parents, Jose and also Mary Louise “Kitty” Menendez, in Beverly Hills, California, on august 20, 1989. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Described through the Washington article as a “nuclear-strength pains in the legal butt,” Leslie Abramson (L) famously defended Erik Menendez v two highly publicized criminal trials. Jill Lansing (R) represented Lyle Menendez during the an initial trial and was succeeded by veteran publicly defender Charles Gessler in ~ the retrial. (AP Photo/Chris Martinez)

The public was stunned by the emotionally testimony the Lyle Menendez. Jurors, reporters, andfamily members to be all checked out crying throughout the first hour that Lyle’s testimony top top September 10,1993. A TV swimming pool feed i ordered it by neighborhood L.A. Stations and also national networks live indigenous thecourtroom was broadcast about the world.
The testimony of Erik Menendez to be equally as dramatic as that the his brother, Lyle. An international audience watched the gavel-to-gavel TV swimming pool feed daily, following every advancement as if it were a novella.
An unruly six-year-old Jose Menendez through his sisters, Marta (L) and also Terry (behind), and their mother, Maria, in 1950.
Lyle and also Erik’s head grandmother, born Maria Carlota Llanio (top row, R), contended on the Cuban Olympic swimming team in the 1930s.
The Menendez and Llanio family members in Cuba in the beforehand 1950s. Young Jose Menendez (front row, second from L), cousin Henry Llanio (front row, much L), and also Jose’s parents, Maria Menendez (center row,second native R) and also Jose Menendez “Pepin” Pavon (top row, R).
Baby Erik v his godmother, Marta Cano, who stayed supportive of both of her nephews transparent the lengthy criminal trials.
Named “Miss Oak Lawn” in 1962, a renowned Kitty Menendez in the 1970s. Mary Louise Andersen was known to her familyand friends as “Kitty.” In 1963, she met andmarried Jose Menendez.
A 1962 photo of eighteen-year-old Jose Menendez and older sister, terrycloth (Menendez) Baralt (R), through their goddaughter, infant Marta, the daughter of Marta Cano (L)
Jose Menendez through sons Erik (L) and Lyle (R). The photo became a controversial piece of evidence in the very first murder trial in 1993. Arguing that year of parental abuse led the brother to kill their parents, the defense claimed the photo showed Jose Menendez’s hand in one inappropriate place in Lyle’s lap.
Erik (far L) and also Lyle (far R) v their cousin Andy Cano (center L) in a family photo in the 1970s.
The Menendez family of four in Princeton, new Jersey, in 1983, attending cousin Andy Cano’s first Communion celebration.
Jose Menendez offered Lyle (L) and also Erik (R) extensive tennis lessons indigenous a very young age. This photograph of father and also sons was taken in Princeton, new Jersey, in the mid-1980s.
While at RCA Records, Jose Menendez hobnobbed v musical celebrities, including Kenny Rogers, Barry Manilow, the Eurythmics, and also Rick Springfield, pictured here with Menendez.
The last known picture of Kitty and Jose Menendez, taken external their Calabasas, California, dream residence in beforehand August 1989—a couple of weeks before they were killed by their sons.
Lyle Menendez (R) v his roommate Hayden Rogers outside of Chuck’s feather Street Café, the chicken wing restaurant Lyle to buy in Princeton, new Jersey, in the fall of 1989. (Courtesy The daily Princetonian)
Judalon Smyth went to the police and also said she lover, the brothers’ therapist, Dr. Jerome Oziel, had an audiotapeof Erik and also Lyle Menendez confessing come killing their parents.
Judalon Smyth composed an IOU come Dr. Jerome Oziel for 500 sex acts. The girlfriend of the therapist claimed she overheard the Menendez brothers’ murder confession 4 months before they were arrested in march 1990.
Rand take it this candid photograph of Dr. Jerome Oziel (center) and also his wife, Laurel, who organized a news conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel on September 13, 1990. Oziel denied that he had actually everasked Judalon Smyth to eavesdrop on therapy sessions through the Menendez brothers.
A page from the unproduced screenplay Friends, composed by Erik Menendez and his friend Craig Cignarelli. In the script, i m sorry Kitty Menendez aided type, a character called Hamilton Cromwell kills his parents and inherits $157 million. The manuscript was not admitted right into evidence during the trials.
Kitty Menendez told she therapist she was hiding “sick and also embarrassing secrets” around her household six weeks prior to she was killed by she sons. (An excerpt of the transcribed treatment notes shows up here.)
On January 28, 1994, the Los Angeles County premium Court announced 2 hung juries in the concurrent killing trials that Lyle and also Erik Menendez. This picture depicts the famously outspoken Leslie Abramson v Rand come the left. District Attorney Gil Garcetti instantly announced he would retry the case and also there would be no plea bargain.
Erik Menendez (L) and also his cousin, Andy Cano, at Erik’s wedding in jail in 1999. Andy was a vital defense angry in both trials who claimed twelve-year-old Erik had actually told him around being sexually molested by his father.
Lyle Menendez’s aunts terry Baralt (L) and also Marta Cano (R) attended his second wedding in jail in 2003.
Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison interviewed edge in respectable 2017 because that the two-hour special, “Unthinkable: The Menendez Murders,” i beg your pardon aired on November 17, 2017.

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Rand ~ above the set in September 2017 through actress pagan Graham, that played Judalon Smyth in NBC’sseries regulation & stimulate True Crime: The Menendez Murders. Mock Stamberg played the duty of Rand,who has covered the Menendez story since 1989.