Let’s face it; you want to have the ability to extract tanks and also bring them earlier to mommy Base in Metal equipment Solid V: The Phantom Pain. You’ve got your R&D and also Support units up come the important levels, but you’re still lacking one critical factor for the advancement of the last Fulton upgrade: the transportation specialist. Well, the earliest girlfriend can get him is in main mission 10: Angels With damaged Wings. In this mission, big Boss is tasked v extracting a Mujahideen prisoner called Malak. However, her pay will increase if you pick to conserve the various other prisoners. One of those extra detainees is the transportation specialist you’re looking for.

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As you method the first outpost, scan the area through your binoculars to note out your enemies. I also recommend bringing along D-Dog through you ~ above this operation so he deserve to sniff out enemies and also prisoners together you obtain closer. There space a full of three prisoners at this outpost, not included Malak, and you deserve to use your binoculars to recognize which is the prisoner with the skill you want, detailed that did you do it upgraded your binoculars, that course.


There room two prisoners in the ruined building. Together you approach, sneak about from the left next to find an opening. The two detainees will it is in on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Walk for the people in the structure first, as dallying about will an outcome in them gaining executed by the adversary soldiers. Come make things easier, friend can additionally order D-Dog to kill opponents in the building, or simply tranquilize them as you do your method through.

The 3rd prisoner is in a container just external of the ruined building. You’ll need to pick the lock to get to the inside. As soon as you’ve hoisted that over your shoulder, just exit and run turn off far enough where the soldiers i will not ~ spot you prior to extracting him out. Once you’ve extracted all three soldiers native the very first outpost, you can contact in the chopper to leave the area. Girlfriend don’t have to complete the whole main mission to gain your transport specialist.

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And there you have actually it. Now you’ll be able to develop the update for the Fulton recovery System. This will permit you come extract tanks, jeeps, and also other armored vehicles, which will be handy for protecting her FOBs and for specific Combat Deployment missions.

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