Cleo Morelli, one aspiring Portland chef, tries to victory a food truck competition while the competition tries to victory her heart.

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Dr. Sharon Hayes (DeLoach) searches because that a beloved family heirloom in a small Christmas town. As soon as she all of sudden discovers an adorable tiny girl and her disheartened father (Rady), she realizes that Christmas miracles really execute happen.

When two families want to embrace the exact same rescue dog, single mom Kate faces her are afraid of falling in love again ~ agreeing to shared custody the the pup with solitary dad Eric and his son.

As Christmas approaches, Elizabeth Bennett, a new York occasion planner, is sent out to a quaint, tiny town come organize their holiday festival. Once she arrives, she finds william Darcy, a ...

Instinct (stylized together INSTIИCT) is an American police procedural drama television collection which premiered on march 18, 2018, top top CBS. The series is based on James Patterson"s murder Games. In might 2018, CBS renewed the collection for a second season. The second season premiered ~ above June 30, 2019, yet the collection was cancelled on respectable 17, 2019. The series is significant for featuring a gay masculine character in the lead, that is married to another man.
Christmas dinner bring tidings of fatality when someone enacts revenge, and out that the bloody wildly rises a hero that must challenge all odds come stop break out before it"s too late.
The resident is an American medical drama television collection that premiered top top January 21, 2018, ~ above the Fox Broadcasting firm as a mid-season replacement in the 2017–18 television season. The premier to be a lead-out to the Vikings-Eagles NFC Championship Game. The fictional series focuses on the lives and duties of employee members at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, if delving right into the administrative practices of the hospital industry.
A young self-help writer returns to her hometown during the Christmas holidays to encourage her brand-new book. She shortly discovers the true meaning of Christmas and family.
Atypical is a coming-of-age television series created by Robia Rashid because that Netflix. It focuses on the life that 18-year-old Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), who has autism spectrum disorder. The first season to be released on respectable 11, 2017, consisting of eight episodes. The ten-episode second season to be released ~ above September 7, 2018. In October 2018, the series was renewed for a third season of ten episodes, which was released top top November 1, 2019. In February 2020, the series was renewed because that a fourth and final season. The final 10 episodes will premiere in 2021.
Life is turned upside down for the handsome market of Homestead once a movie involves shoot there in the center of the Christmas season. And when the movie"s top lady starts falling because that him, things get a totality lot an ext complicated.
Timeless is one American scientific research fiction television collection that premiered on NBC top top October 3, 2016. It stars Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, and Malcolm Barrett as a team the attempts to prevent a mysterious company from transforming the course of history through time travel. The series was developed by Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke, and also stars Sakina Jaffrey, Paterson Joseph, Claudia Doumit, and Goran Višnjić. The executive producers encompass John Davis and John Fox the The Blacklist.
Lucifer is one American television collection developed by Tom Kapinos that premiered on Fox on January 25, 2016. It is based upon the DC Comics character developed by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and also Mike Dringenberg taken native the comic book series The Sandman, that later became the protagonist that a spin-off comic book series, both released by DC Comics" Vertigo imprint. The series is developed by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.
When her ad agency is took in by a much larger, an ext powerful firm, Darby"s rivalry with brand-new partner Derrick might blossom right into something else.
Unreal (stylized together UnREAL) is an American drama television collection that premiered on life time on June 1, 2015. The stars Shiri Appleby as a young truth television producer moved by she unscrupulous boss (Constance Zimmer) to swallow her integrity and also do anything the takes to drum up salacious show content. The present was produced by Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, and was motivated by Shapiro"s award-winning independent quick film Sequin Raze.
An academic in meteorology have to decide between her new job as a well-known weather girl and also her quest of she PhD and fellowship. Is her handsome ceo interested in she true me or just as a ticket to a network job in brand-new York?
Jane the Virgin is an American romantic dramedy and also satirical telenovela developed by Jennie Snyder Urman. The series premiered on October 13, 2014 top top The CW and concluded ~ above July 31, 2019. The is a loosened adaptation the the Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen created by Perla Farías. The series stars Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva, a devout 23-year-old Latina virgin, that becomes pregnant ~ an accidental fabricated insemination by she gynecologist. The program parodies frequently used tropes and also devices in Latin telenovelas.
Stalker to be an American police procedural crime drama television series about victims of stalking and also the detectives of the LAPD"s threat Assessment Unit who investigate the crimes. The display ran for one season top top CBS, native October 1, 2014, to may 18, 2015. The series aired on Wednesdays because that seventeen episodes and Monday because that the last three.
Lucy has actually a brand-new husband, a brand-new home and a new baby, however old ghosts won"t let her be. She tries to help the tortured souls break totally free of their torment and also move on, yet soon finds this ghosts don"t want her help.
Intelligence is one American cyber-themed action-adventure television series that aired ~ above CBS in the joined States. That premiered top top January 7, 2014, and on may 10, 2014, CBS canceled the present after just one season.
What appears to be a chance encounter someday at a coffee shop leader to a full-fledged romance, but the couple must fight because that their connection to survive the craziness that is display business.
Emily Owens, M.D. Is one American clinical drama television series created by Jennie Snyder Urman. It to be picked up by The CW on may 11, 2012, the premiered ~ above The CW top top October 16, 2012, and also aired ~ above Tuesdays in ~ 9:00 pm Eastern/8:00 pm Central.
House of Lies is one American comedy television series created through Matthew Carnahan. The show, i m sorry premiered ~ above Showtime top top January 8, 2012, is based on the publication House of Lies: how Management Consultants Steal your Watch and also Then Tell girlfriend the Time, composed by young name Kihn, a previous consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. It adheres to a group of administration consultants who prevent at nothing come get company deals done. On may 17, 2016, Showtime canceled the series after five seasons, v the collection finale airing June 12, 2016.
J. Edgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio) to be the head that the federal Bureau of investigation for virtually fifty years. Hoover to be feared, admired, reviled and revered, a male who could distort the reality as easily as he upheld it. His approaches were at when ruthless and also heroic, through the admiration the the civilization his most coveted prize. However behind closeup of the door doors, he organized secrets that would have destroyed his image, his career and also his life.
Happy end is one American sitcom television collection that ran on alphabet from April 13, 2011, to may 3, 2013. The single-camera ensemble comedy originally aired together a mid-season replacement through a one-hour premiere of two back-to-back episodes starting at 9:30 afternoon ET/PT. In the weeks the followed, the show continued to waiting back-to-back illustration that started airing in ~ 10 afternoon ET/PT. The present was developed by David Caspe, who together with Jonathan goff (previously a showrunner ~ above Scrubs) offered as the show"s executive producers and showrunners.
Rachael Kemery to be born on might 2, 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She is one actress, well-known for mystery Santa (2018), arbitrarily Encounters (2013) and also InSearchOf (2009).
Melrose location is one American drama television series broadcast top top The CW native September 8, 2009, come April 13, 2010. The collection is a rebirth of the 1990s Fox series of the same name and is the fifth collection in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. The present follows the resides of a team of young adults living at the fictitious Melrose location apartment complex in West Hollywood, California Smallville producer Todd Slavkin and also Darren Swimmer were showrunners the the series.
Newly-weds display screen their very different levels of commitment to their connection while revealing who is truly committed in your marriage. Scott and Jamie have been married a year. Jamie moved into a home that Scott already owned and, v a collection of hallucinations, realizes whatever in she bedroom was gathered through Scott"s previous relationships. Jamie fights with Scott around the promises he has made to relocate out the his house and start over. Jamie is figured out to get Scott to move out the the house, by any way necessary.
Castle is an American crime-comedy-drama television series, i m sorry aired on abc for a full of eight periods from march 9, 2009, to might 16, 2016. The series was produced jointly through Beacon Pictures and ABC Studios.
Sex is why we"re every here. Power. Love. Sex. We"re all in search of something. Ten personalities each of whose lust sends out them ~ above a journey of discovery - occasionally decadent - spearhead the ...
The Mentalist is one American drama television series that ran native September 23, 2008, till February 18, 2015, broadcasting 151 episodes over 7 seasons, top top CBS. Developed by Bruno Heller, that was additionally its executive producer, the present follows previous "psychic" Patrick jane (Simon Baker), who is a consultant come the California office of investigation (CBI) and his boss, a former an elderly agent, Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), using the highly arisen observational skills he formerly employed come "read" people"s minds.

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Carmen Lowell is functioning on the backstage that a play in ~ Yale. Once the lead actress, her girlfriend Julia, invites she to Vermont v her to job-related on a play with a professional cast, she decides to remain with her friends and also her pregnant mother. However, she alters her psychic after she finds the her friends will certainly all leave for the summer: Lena Kaligaris will travel to a drawing course, Bridget Vreeland, who is in an existential crisis, lacking her mother, will travel to an historical dig in Turkey, and also Tibby Tomko-Rollins is functioning in a rental and also still editing her documentary. Carmen grows a like on the lead actor Ian, that convinces her to participate in one audition, and also she is then invite by the director bill Kerr to perform the command female role. Later on she finds the truth about the friendship the Julia. The broken-hearted Lena finds that Kostas has just married, and also she dates the design of her illustration class. Bridget finds letters addressed to her from her grandmother that her father has actually hidden, and decides come visit her, learning information about her mother. Tibby makes love v her friend Brian McBrian and gets scared of a possible pregnancy. In the end, the girlfriends uncover that their friendship is actual and quantities to an ext than simply a pair the jeans.