I to be a trip attendant and also he was a pilot. Finally, it got embarrassing that we hadn"t yet done it in the sky

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Excerpted from "Cabin Fever: The Sizzling keys of a Virgin Airlines trip Attendant"

“Marathon floor control, this is November niner niner, eight zero Delta, requesting clearance for take-off.” Jonathan’s voice submarine my ears v the headphones choose a an effective aphrodisiac.

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“This is Marathon floor control. November niner niner, eight zero Delta, you are clear because that take- off.”

I reached over and gave Jonathan’s bare thigh a gentle squeeze. “Chocks away,” I said with a cheeky giggle.

Jonathan driven in the throttle, and the tiny Cessna chuckled follow me the tarmac.

“Airspeed alive,” he called out together the airplane gathered pace, his brow knitted in concentration. God, that looked sexy— so authoritative, masterful. The Cessna thrashed down the runway, engines growling, vibrations tickling mine bum v the seat till the plane leaped into the clean Florida sky favor a large tin locust. Ns peered out of the window and watched the secrets shrink beneath us, surrounding by waters of differing shades that turquoise, cyan and also teal.

“It’s a lover clear sky out there,” said Jonathan. “Perfect because that VFR flying.”

“Sure is,” ns said, stroking the soft blond hair on his leg. He looked for this reason handsome— unshaven and rugged, i m sorry was unexplained for him. That was mirroring me how to check the horizon come make certain we flew straight. Ns gazed at him, no hearing a word . . . I had only one thing on mine mind the day: sex.

It was mid July 2001. Jonathan was still a trainee pilot and also was structure up his flying hrs in Florida in bespeak to acquire his commercial pilot license, for this reason I’d bring away a main off work-related to join him there.

Our first couple of days in Florida had been magical: flying over the Keys, exploring Venice and the vast, pristine beaches of Sarasota wherein the sand is as white as icing sugar. Us visited wonderful restaurants and also feasted on lobster claws and steak and giant prawns. We made love in the sand dunes, collected sharks’ teeth and also swam in the Gulf of Mexico. That was prefer a mini honeymoon . . . If you take it the flight school accommodation out of the equation.

Our excursion come Marathon had been equally together romantic and also decadent: picnicking ~ above the palm-lined shore of Sombrero Beach, feeding each various other succulent slices the cantaloupe, sunbathing and also burying each other in the sand. We’d common salty kisses in the Atlantic, Jonathan wading in languid figures of eight together I clung onto him, foot clamped approximately his waist, his hands creeping into my bikini bottom under the water.

By the time we left Marathon i was extremely aroused. My body felt favor an erotic solar panel, drenched in sexual energy from the sun. I remained in the mood for something risqué.

As the Cessna climbed farther right into the sky, and also my hormones ongoing to shout “take me now,” ns remembered a conversation I’d had with Jonathan a couple of weeks back around joining the Mile-High Club.

“I can’t think we’ve not done that yet,” I’d said, together we lay in bed that Sunday morning ~ attempting the rely Scissors place from the Kama Sutra (we were still do the efforts to understand that one).

“Done what?”

“Joined the Mile High club . . . I mean, that embarrassing really— we both fly for a life . . . And we’ve had plenty of methods when we’ve been on trips together. We’ve no excuse.”

“I nothing think that something you have the right to just do on a whim, Mands. It requires a details amount that planning.”

“Planning? nothing be ridiculous. That’s the whole suggest of it—you just sneak into the toilet and go because that it— it is what renders it for this reason exciting.”

“It’s a technological point, Mands.”

“Go on,” I’d said, suppressing a small laugh. Ns couldn’t imagine what to be so technical about bonking in a plane— unless it affiliated performing the suspended Scissors position, the course. The was difficult enough ~ above the ground.

“Well, technically you shouldn’t really do it in ~ 35,000 feet. It’s called the Mile-High Club, so that should happen at 5,280 feet—exactly a mile high. The logical once you think about it.”

This had actually all sounded quite geeky to me at the time. Now, however, ns was start to warmth to his theory. We’d remained in the air for practically ten minutes, which, follow to my estimation, would mean we need to be a mile high by now. Ns glanced end at Jonathan, surveying the room between his groin and also the yoke. It to be tight but doable. His voice flooded my ear again.

“You okay, Mands?”

Very doable.

I nodded. “How high room we flying?”

Jonathan small his eyes, learned the altimeter. “About 5 thousand feet— still climbing.”

The timing to be perfect.

“November niner niner, eight zero Delta,” i purred, unsnapping mine seat belt. “You room clear to fly me.”

In a collection of sleek, rapid movements I removed my headphones (they i will not ~ be needed), kicked turn off my flip-flops, pulled my T-shirt over my head and also untied my silver bikini top. Jonathan shot me a sideways grin. He was saying something, however it was difficult to make out his words over the engine noise there is no my headphones on. I wriggled out of mine shorts and also bikini bottoms, unleashing a deposit the sand, and also reached throughout to unfasten Jonathan’s Bermuda shorts. He to be flying commando— and much more than prepared for action.

My next maneuver to be tricky. I had to weave my whole upper human body under Jonathan’s appropriate arm and over his left shoulder, and also angle mine head to protect against obstructing his view. Then ns threaded my legs through, knelt on his lap and, making use of my hand, tenderness guided him into me. The sensation to be exhilarating, virtually tantric. Jonathan remained in no position to thrust due to the fact that he couldn’t let walk of the yoke, and also I didn’t desire to cause a crash by going because that it cowgirl style. So i took it slow, rocking mine hips backward and also forward, side to side. I might touch him, but he couldn’t touch me. The was choose a lap run in the wait . . . V extras.

Jonathan’s body was rigid against mine, his foot tense, pelvis tilted, hands still firmly gripped come the yoke. I might feel his heart increasing against mine breast. Ns turned mine head party to capture a glimpse that his face. His eyes were glazing over, mouth open and also jaw jutting forward. It was an expression i knew well— the I’m-going-to-come face. The plane hopped and bumped with the air, adding to the thrill; even in the best flying conditions, it’s an extremely rare to endure a smooth journey in a two-seater Cessna. I ongoing to grind and also rock as the Cessna climbed and also swayed, burying my challenge into the crevice of Jonathan’s neck. That smelled of the sea . . . And Nivea factor 15. Sunshine flooded the cockpit, warming my back. Jonathan’s chest heaved, and blood rushed to mine head— I had to take the earlier of the seat to secure myself. Seconds later on I came, followed closely by Jonathan. It to be the many ethereal orgasm I’d ever before encountered, shivering transparent my whole body because that what seemed favor an eternity.

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When I’d recovered, ns weaved mine quivering limbs ago to mine seat. Naked, weightless and giggling uncontrollably, ns slipped mine headphones back on to inspect in v the pilot.

“November niner niner, eight zero Delta: did you with the forced height?”

Jonathan grinned, glanced briefly at his lap. “This is November niner niner, eight zero Delta: i get it that, correct height confirmed.”

“I need to say,” ns said, “I’m many impressed at your capacity to keep full control of her joystick.”

“It’s all part of the service, madam,” that said. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind dressing and also preparing the cabin because that landing.”

“I was thinking I’d simply stay as I am,” i teased. “Land of the free, and all that?”

“That’ll offer the guys at Venice waiting Traffic regulate something to laugh about.”