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My love whispered, “Candles feed her soul. Share your glow. Do a difference. Hear to her intuition.” — Lynn


Photo taken in ~ Pearl Clutch, Haddonfield, NJ

Hey! i’m Lynn Bardowski, the Million Dollar Party Girl. Nothing let the nick-name fool you. It’s much more about a working mom who found her innervisionista when she was least expecting it. Overcoming fear, failure and also mommy guilt to end up being a multi million revenue generating entrepreneur.

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Growing increase in a middle course family in ~ the Jersey shore, I invested a the majority of time conjuring up principles to make my fortune. After ~ college i married a neighborhood boy, Bill, and also landed a lucrative sales job. The money flowed in, but my happiness trickled out. It took the bear of my 2 daughters to wake up me up. The dream project I thought I want was someone else’s dream, no mine.

It was December, 1989, once I opened up my mailbox to uncover an invite to a PartyLite party. Yeah, that type of house party. The light of candlelight illuminated the friendships these women had…it stirred something in my gut. Was it the onion dip? Or, was this the sign I had been spring for?

Selling candle at residence parties to be not precisely what I believed I would certainly be doing once I grew up. Mine ego jumped right in, “What will your friends and family think? exactly how will you offer up her BMW?” yet my love whispered, “Candles feed her soul. Share her glow. Make a difference. Hear to your intuition.”


Intuition won. I stated goodbye to the that company sales career and the status that went with it. Family and also friends thought I was crazy. What they didn’t recognize was the a woman v purpose, passion and also vision can’t be stopped. After ~ 22 year of coaching thousands of women entrepreneurs, I have actually a new vision. To share my story and support all women entrepreneurs reaching those exact same crossroads, no sure how to acquire from below to there yet willing to discover out exactly how a Million Dollar Party Girl walk it.

It’s time females stepped right into their power. Join me and also discover just how to rock your inner Visionista, and your revenue!

Team Visionista

GET TO recognize LYNN

Lynn Bardowski, recognized as the Million disagreement Party Girl, overcame fear, failure, and also mommy guilt to end up being a multimillion-dollar revenue-generating straight sales entrepreneur. And, according to a recent wall surface Street Journal little Business report, “Just 1.8% the women-owned businesses generate more than $1 million in yearly revenues.” the puts Lynn in ~ the top of her game.

Leading with her heart, Lynn inspires ladies entrepreneurs to think large and manifest abundance. She is committed to awakening businessman to find their own distinctive brilliance, take it action, and share your gifts. Most importantly, she encourages them to do the journey a funny experience.

As an award-winning company coach,entrepreneur, national speaker, bestselling author, radio host, sales trainer, and blogger, Lynn has successfully mentored and also trained hundreds of women entrepreneurs. She shares her expertise by appearing at events like the eWomen Network Success Summit as an inspirational motivational speaker also as on WTER Radio and LynnTV, just to name a few.

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Lynn’s success has permitted her household to live an exceptional life, with numerous dreams come true. They’ve stood together on the leaf of the cool Canyon, regarded Paris indigenous the peak of the Eiffel Tower, sped v the Everglades on an airboat, hiked v a rain forest, skilled Phantom that the Opera in London & NYC and also savored Tapas in Barcelona. A Jersey girl at heart, Lynn enjoys placing her toes in the sand and celebrating life through her two daughters, Lauren and Alyssa, and also husband, Bill.