A few days ago, the idea came to mind to adjust my hair color, and also I inquiry myself what would take place if I combined brown hair dye through blonde.

The truth is that i wasn’t in search of a platinum blonde; ns left the for much more audacious women and the persons that have actually no difficulty being the center of the universe when they walk right into a place.

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I also didn’t want a brown tone since it’s quite common and doesn’t provide you something special.

I wanted something an ext personal, a distinctive tone that would certainly make mine almond eyes popular music without abandoning my brown roots.

Yes, ns know, us women are incredible creatures. It is why we room the inspiration for good novels and historical events.

My goal to be to uncover a tone that wasn’t blonde no one brown.

Knowing what I wanted was easy, now finding it was an additional thing.

But in addition to significant beings, women space bold, and also we always put our all into getting what we want. This day I’ll tell you:

Why girlfriend should try mixing 2 different color dyes how to mix the two various tones that dye What shade I lastly got when I linked blonde and also brown

What happens once you mix a blonde dye with a brown one


Let me tell girlfriend something to remove the myths once and for all.

If you mix two different colors, in reality, nothing poor will happen. The world won’t break right into a thousands pieces, and also you won’t develop a destructive hair bomb.

In the end, you’ll be doing what all the colorists in beauty beauty salons do.

They play v colors, lock mix them, improvise with them, castle look come personalize the color for their clients.

But if friend are like me, meaning, one of those that mix various colors in their home, girlfriend will save a many money.

Because let’s be honest: colorists room professionals, yet they no infallible. Often, also though castle feel like they’ve gained a magnificent color, after looking in the mirror, friend feel like it’s a disaster.

To mix different shade dyes, you need to keep in psychic a couple of basic ethics of colorimetry, an interpretation the scientific research of colors, graphed out in what is known as the shade wheel.

very first off, it’s vital to choose tones that complement each other, instead of 2 opposite tones. Because that example, a red tone and a brown tone do each various other stand out and also produce one intense and also deep copper color. That course, you need to avoid mixing black and blonde due to the fact that both are very dominant colors and don’t mix well.

When mixing 2 blonde tones of different levels, remember the the higher level will lighten will certainly the lower level add depth.

This brings us to the second question.

How to mix two various dye tones, because that example, a blonde and also a brown

To dominate the concept of colorimetry, and also so that the shade wheel doesn’t carry out us wrong, it is necessary to psychic two basic principles: the level and also the ton of the color.


Level of shade of the hair

The “level” of hair color is family member to easy or darkness.

All hair colors have actually levels, even if it is we room talking around natural color or picking a brand-new one.

Standard hair color levels are defined on a range from 1 come 10, with level 1 being the darkest, the most black, and also level 10 is a really light blonde.

The range is authorize in the entire beauty industry and also is offered in brands and also formulas of the most popular brands.

Here space the 10 levels of typical color:

Level 1: black Level 2: Dark Brown, nearly black Level 3: Dark brown Level 4: medium Brown Level 5: light Brown Level 6: Dark blonde Level 7: medium Blonde Level 8: light Blonde Level 9: an extremely light blonde Level 10: Platinum blonde

So, if us mix a level 6, or a dark blonde, v a level 3, light brown, the target is to offer a bit an ext depth to the color, making that darker.

I recommend that once you mix the tones, you nothing mix ones the are far away from every other, definition never mix a level 2 tone v a level nine.

Now, shade theory is a bit much more complicated, thanks to the tones.

Do you desire to know what lock are?


Skin tone

After creating the level of shade of the organic hair or the shade you want, we should check the tone.

Tones of the hair room generally divided into three standard categories: warm, cold, and neutral.

When stylists talk around color, or if you are picking a shade for an example book, the tones space usually presented with a letter. Below are examples of the standard color tones:

Cold Tones

A: Ashy B: Beige B: Blue G: environment-friendly V: Violet

Warm Tones

C: Copper G: gold O: Orange R: Red W: warmth RB: Red/Brown RO: Red/Orange

Neutral Tone

N: Neutral, not warmth or cool

These tones are combined frequently to create the perfect ton or at the very least the one friend want.

For example, brown shade is completed by combining neutral or warm tones with red tones.


Red hair have the right to be cooler when you include violet tones come the shade formula.

Combining Level and Tone

The technological name of a hair color is a mix of letters and also numbers that note the level and tone.

For example, heat brown shade is identified as “7W.” The number indicates the color’s level, dark blonde, and the letter suggests that the ton is warm.

Here, I’ll placed some other instances of hair color defined by level or tone:

8A: medium ashy blonde4RV: Dark red/violet6C: light Brown5N: Neutral Brown9W: Warm

Determining the level and also tone of your hair color

To calculation the shade level of the hair is pretty straightforward once girlfriend learn how to do it.

The most vital thing come remember is that hair color isn’t flat. The a complicated game the depth and also tonality that can increase or decrease your skin color and also characteristics.

Upon mixing the hair color tones, you should put lock in a clean bowl and also be sure that they are well-mixed before applying them to her hair.

Lastly, remember the it is always better to pick tones that enhance each other instead of 2 opposite tones.


Finally, do you want to know just how I might mix a blonde color with a brown one?

The answer isn’t straightforward.

In reality, I acquired a very an individual tone, which adjusted tonality according to exactly how the light fell on my hair. The tone also adjusted depending ~ above if it was night or day.

Meaning, in the full light the day, my hair had a nice dark tone, and some of the highlights looked darker.

On the various other hand, if friend looked in ~ my hair in ~ night, the lightness disappeared, leave a an ext uniform, dark brown.

mix two different hair dyes is ideal for getting different tones of shade in the exact same hair. It also helps come personalize the color to complement it v your personality. And also last yet certainly no least, it gives depth to the hair.

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In the end, mixing different hair water is 21st-century alchemy.

Have you ever mixed two various dyes together? What new tone go you end up with?

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