The latest addition to the weekly occasion quest list for Monster Hunter civilization is dubbed A flash in the Pan and also it unlocks the zero shades sunglasses because that fashion-focused players.

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Monster Hunter World is ago with yet another event pursuit that offers players a funny (and contempt useful) cosmetics item. This time, players can unlock a pair the sunglasses if they complete a very basic quest.

The latest enhancement to the Monster Hunter World weekly event quest rotation is dubbed Flash in the Pan, and also it entails fighting 3 Tzitzi Ya Ku monsters in the challenge arena. Most players that have actually spent a tiny time in High rank shouldn’t have actually too lot trouble v the fight, however if you need a tip: shot to different the Tzitzi Ya Kus from each other using the large gate by pulling the lever. That way you won’t should worry around one randomly flashing/stunning friend while trying come do damages to the other.

external of that, the player should focus on obtaining hits in and also then be prepared to dodge, as the monster has tendency to leap the end of i do not have anything if turn off screen. And including three Tzitzi’s as well the mix can an outcome in a lot of time ~ above the floor if players room not careful.

as soon as the pursuit is complete, the player should receive a ticket however they require three to handmade the sunglasses. Finish the pursuit two more times and also then head to the Smithy in Astera. Profession in the tickets for the shadow Shades “helm” and also prepare to look a little cooler hunting in Monster Hunter World.

Unlike last week’s Wiggler Helm, which can work nice well v a support build, the shadow Shades are a little less useful. Castle do have actually level 2 shock resistance, which have the right to help versus monsters like Tzitzi Ya Ku, however stun resistance is a little more circumstantial. Numerous Monster Hunter World veterans pick to favor an abilities like attack an increase and weapon sharpness over resistances, at the very least for anything not an Elder Dragon.

Still, the shadow Shades space a funny item come unlock and will absolutely complement the outfits of football player that are looking to donate fashion end utility. However once players gain to the endgame, sometimes it’s funny to mix points up and also create builds concentrated on something other than act damage. For this reason if, say, players want a good build because that Diablos the eliminates any type of chance of gaining stunned, these shades will assist with that.

Monster Hunter World is accessible now because that PS4 and also Xbox One. The pc version releases later on this year.

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