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Cursor freezes have the right to be fairly troublesome, particularly if friend cannot use the key-board as an alternative.The article below will aid with any type of cursor freezes that you may encounter.

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If your cursor freezes, jumps or disappears, you could have to disable added mouse drivers on your PC. To perform that, follow this steps:

Open Device Manager and also navigate come Mice and other pointing devices section.If you watch multiple entries in this section, you’ll need to disable all devices that you’re not using.

After removing added devices, the problem should be completely resolved.

8. Roll ago to the vault driver

Sometimes concerns with her cursor can show up due to brand-new drivers. Follow to users, this concern can appear if you recently updated your computer mouse or touchpad driver.

If her cursor freezes, jumps or disappears, you must roll back to the older driver. You have the right to do that by adhering to these steps:

Open Device Manager and also locate the problem device. Double click the device to open its properties.

After rolling back to the enlarge driver, examine if the problem is resolved. If Roll back Driver alternative isn’t available, you might have to reinstall the driver by adhering to the procedures from Solution 4.

It’s worth pointing out that Windows can sometimes immediately update your drivers and cause this problem to reappear.

To protect against that, be certain to examine our post on just how to stop Windows from immediately updating specific drivers.

9. Disable Realtek HD Audio Manager

According to users, sometimes Realtek HD Audio Manager can cause problems through your cursor.

If your cursor freezes, jumps or disappears, you have to prevent Realtek HD Audio Manager from starting automatically with your PC.

To perform that, follow this steps:

After doing that, restart your PC and check if the problem reappears.

If girlfriend can’t find Realtek HD Audio Manager ~ above the list, you can fix the difficulty by going to C:Program -> FilesRealtekAudioHDA and renaming FMAPP.exe.

After doing that, the application won’t start immediately with your computer anymore.

10. Make sure that your maker is enabled

If this issue appears on her laptop, you need to inspect if your device is enabled. To perform that, follow these steps:

Navigate come the critical tab top top the right and also make certain that the device is enabled.

After law that, your computer mouse will reappear and everything will start working again. Save in mind the you can have to execute these procedures using your keyboard.

How come fix other cursor-related issues

This error is not the just one that deserve to bother you. There are numerous cursor-related problems that one might get on a windows PC.

You could have encountered other comparable cursor problems and we have actually multiple services for quite a few of them:

Let us recognize in the comment ar if these solutions were beneficial in fixing assorted mouse cursor problems.

We room continuously looking for other solutions and also if we’ll uncover any, we will make certain to upgrade the article with the appropriate ones.

So if you follow the indict posted above carefully you need to fix any kind of issues about your cursor in home windows 10 and also carry on v your work.

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