Katherine Heigl and also Josh Duhamel"s characters are absolutely in because that a huge change when they space left with the daughter that their finest friends in "Life together We understand It," which opens up today.

But the plot of an regrettably abandoned child being the catalyst the brings two—or occasionally three!—adults with each other is nothing new (though no various other movie has had the gall to kill off Christina Hendricks in the process!). While "Life together We recognize It" might be the just one not set in or around brand-new York City, there room plenty of movies that use this well-worn trope. Inspect out our perform of five adoption-centric rom-coms after the jump!

"Baby Boom," 1987

During the greed-is-good era of the "80s, we satisfy Diane Keaton"s go-getting personality J.C. Wiatt, a thrust Manhattan businesswoman that inherits a toddler native a cousin she hasn"t viewed in end 30 years. Unfortunately, taking treatment of baby outcomes in losing her job, her boyfriend and her lifestyle. Yet a move to vermouth solves everything—She keeps the kid, opens a gourmet baby food firm (wonder where she got that idea!?!) and also lucks out in love with a neighborhood veterinarian. Say thanks to goodness because that suburbia!

"Three Men and also a Baby," 1987

Apparently 1987 to be a renowned year for adoption comedies, with "Three Men and a Baby" as optimal toddler. Starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and also Ted Danson as 3 NYC bachelors living together in the big city, the trio have their resides turned upside-down by the come of a baby on your doorstep—the love boy of Ted"s character and also a previous costar. And also as many on-screen men are incompetent as soon as it comes to child care, you deserve to probably guess that hilarious hi-jinks ensue. The film was so renowned that a sequel, "Three Men and a tiny Lady," debuted 3 years later, and there"s speak of a feasible third, "Three Men and also a Bride." We"d certainly pay $12 to see the Selleck "stache ago in action on the huge screen.

"Big Daddy," 1999

Arguably one of Adam Sandler"s ideal films, this comedy complies with his personality Sonny after he is not only dumped by his Hooters girlfriend but has to hear all about his roommate Kevin (Jon Stewart!) proposing come his girl friend (Leslie Mann!). This state of tumult only increases after Kevin"s illegitimate son, Julian, reflects up at your apartment while Kevin is away, and Sonny needs to take treatment of him until Kevin returns. And also wouldn"t you recognize it? Taking care of Julian causes Sonny to give up his childish ways, and he ends up landing the girl of his desires and ending up being a success story if he"s in ~ it.

"Raising Helen," 2004

"Raising Helen" centers around Helen Harris (Kate Hudson), a Manhattan fashionista, that finds herself in custody of her sister and brother-in-law"s three kids after the parents die in a auto accident. Helen has to juggle elevating the children—Hayden Panettiere, Spencer Breslin and also Abigail Breslin—as fine as store up with her fast-paced lifestyle. She drops for both the kids and their institution principal, the ever-adorable john Corbett.

"No Reservations," 2007

Any film the stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart is a win in our (cook) book. This delicious flick around rival cooks scores bonus points because that landing Abigail Breslin a second spot on our list as the boy of Catherine"s sister who, surprise, surprise, has died in a vehicle accident. Abigail"s personality Zoe bring away an instant liking come Aaron"s Nick, and also their connection brings Nick and Catherine"s Kate closer together.

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Ultimately their kitchen rivalry turns right into a saucy romance, and the 3 of them finish up opening up their own bistro at the finish of the film. Bon appetit!

Are friend planning on see "Life as We understand It"? which of the films on our list space your favorites?