My Cousin Vinny
Two various Dialects in Two different American States: New York & Alabama

Vinny: What"s the issue with you? Mona Lisa: i don"t know...

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Vinny: You"re actin" like you"re nervous or something. Mona Lisa: Well, yeah, ns am. Vinny: What room you nervous about? I"m the one under the total here. Trial beginning tomorrow. Mona Lisa: friend wanna recognize what I"m worried about? I"ll tell friend what I"m worried about! i am in the dark right here with every this legit crap. I have actually no idea what"s going on! all I understand is that you"re screwing up and also I can"t help! Vinny: girlfriend left me that tiny camera, didn"t you? Mona Lisa: Oh, Vinny! I"m watching girlfriend go under in flames, and you"re happen me v you and I can"t perform anything around it. Vinny: And? Mona Lisa: Well, I hate to carry it up, because I understand you have sufficient pressure on you already. BUT, us agreed to gain married as quickly as you won your very first case. Meanwhile, ten year later, mine niece! The daughter of my sister is gaining married! My biological clock is tickin" prefer this, and with the method this situation is goin", ns ain"t never ever gettin" married! Vinny: Lisa, ns don"t need this. Ns swear to God ns don"t need this right now. Okay? I"ve got a referee that"s just achin" to throw me in jail! An idiot who desires to hit me for $200! Slaughtered pigs! gigantic loud whistles! ns ain"t slept in five days! I"ve gained no money! A dress code problem! and also a tiny murder case, i m sorry in the balance holds the stays of two innocent kids. Not to mention....YOUR organic clock! my career! her life! our marriage! and let"s see...what else can we heap on? Is there any an ext shit we have the right to pile on come the height of the result of this case?! IS it POSSIBLE? Mona Lisa: perhaps it to be a bad time to bring it up.

Town person: "got dirt in your tires?" Vinny: "let me questioning a question, how do you gain mud into the tires?" city person: "no, that"s just a figure of speech. The dirt gets about the within of the wheels".

2. The 2nd dialogue, below,occured inside a court in the southern state, in between "Vinny" and the "Judge":

Vinny: Is that possible, the two utes... Judge: Eh, the two what? Uh, uh, what was that word? Vinny: Uh, what word? Judge: 2 what? Vinny: What? Judge: Uh, go you speak "Utes"? Vinny: Yeah, two utes.

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Judge:What is a ute? Vinny: Oh, pardon me, your honor. Two YOUTHS.

it is exciting to discover that, back the two are indigenous American English speakers, they likewise get come misunderstand several of each other"s speech. Deserve to you think of this type of diffrence in part Arabic dialects, or maybe, Kuwaiti Arabic dialects?