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HairCustomization and Restoration FAQ Yes, it"s true. I get a lot of e-mail with customizing questions. Some customizers are offended and also they don"t want to waste their time comment e-mails indigenous "rookie customizers".

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I"m in reality honored the you would ask me yourquestions! ^_^However, I"m yes, really busy...I carry out have one more job...the ponies room a understand forme.So, please look here prior to sending me one e-mail.Also, I"d appreciate a attach if you discovered this FAQ useful!(right-click and also "save photo as" onto your servers,then connect to among your pages)

Disclaimer: ns am not responsible for personal or pony injuries.If you select to usage these techniques, you execute so at your own risk.


Do you sell hair because that re-rooting? No. View the question below for hair sources.

Where execute you get hair for re-rooting? I favor to use genuine MLP hair, however, now there is nylon hair which has a texture similar to third generation hair. That is quite darned expensive, though. Hair deserve to be to buy on-line from various sites or locally at beauty it is provided stores. World use synthetic hair for making hair extensions, dreadlocks, & ponyfall hair pieces. Look for "loose hair for braiding". Here"s a table on part "hair basics".

Hair Type/Location
Cost Comments
Real MLP hair
one more bait pony tail (preferably a 1st generation pony, since 2nd & third gen ponies have actually wimpy tails) Depends top top the bait pony. Some colors, prefer Crumpet Gold, are very rare. The original stuff. Curls easily. Watch the end for shade fading...the exact same pony may have a various shade that hair color. Adult ponies require 2 pony tails, infant ponies need 1 pony tail. Manes take a little an ext work come re-use. Click below to view my ponyclippings tutorial. Genuine MLP hair commonly takes dye well.
Nylon hair


$3.12 for one skein, which need to re-root one G3 pony with standard size hair. They insurance claim that it"s actual MLP hair, native the manufacturing facility that gives Hasbro. Feels remarkably like third generation MLP hair! ^_^ The sample skein has actually a diameter the 36" and is around the equivalent of two G1 tails. It to be barely sufficient to re-root a G3 pony in a quite conservative manner. G1 ponies will call for 1.5 - 2 skeins. Colour should enhance G3 ponies. Takes cloth dyes really well, prefer real MLP hair, and it also curls nicely. View my Shamrock spring for an example.
http://www.custompony.com $3.10 because that one skein. Must be enough for one pony with lengthy hair or 1.5 ponies with standard hair. This supplier has 34 colour which match the original MLP colors quite closely. The hair comes woven top top a weft and measures 40" long. Hair is similar in structure to G1 hair - no as shiny and a tiny little bit stiffer. Watch my Polaris for an example.

Click right here to watch the thorough review and comparison between the two various nylon hair suppliers.

Kanekalon artificial hair - yaki or "jumbo braid"
Beauty supply stores locally or on-line distributors like http://www.drlocks.net Comes in little & large packets. Friend might be able to find tiny packets because that $2 at part stores. Makes about 5 customs.

$4-$5 because that a big packet will certainly make 10 or more customs.

Some stores have limited supplies of non-natural colors. Demands to be prepped/straightened v a hair stole (either a curling steel or a distinct straightening iron). Melts under high heat. Texture is comparable to pony hair, just a little bit stiffer.

Some civilization like the "poofy" look of un-ironed kanekalon hair. ^_^

For one example, check out Sparkling Lemonade.

Kanekalon synthetic hair - silky

Same carriers as above.

More expensive, yet still cheap. $4-$5 a packet will make around 6 customs Finely textured hair, stiffer, really hard to curl/style. Come straight, no prepare needed. Because that an example, please check out Celtic Minty.
Saran hair / "Katsilk"
Restoredoll, a dollmaking it is provided website http://www.restoredoll.com

Very expensive. $2.50-$4.00 because that one little skein which will certainly make 1 or 2 customs. Very fine hair, soft and also shiny, gorgeous colors, difficult to curl/style. Straight, flows nicely. MELTS through low heat, prefer a hair dryer...be careful! ready to use, no prep needed. Colors room close, yet don"t enhance pony colour exactly. no recommended because that patching mane cuts...texture/color is contempt off and will it is in noticeable. Also, there seem to it is in two various "thicknesses" of saran hair. The newer colors are thicker & appear less shiny. For an example, watch Amber Wishes.

Can I usage MLP manes for re-rooting? Yes, friend can, yet this is even much more tedious, if girlfriend can believe it. You will must secure the reduced end - one of two people by glue or knotting or both. Some civilization melt the ends with candles...but I"ve never tried this. Also, your manes will be shorter. The final result will rely on the initial length and how much you lose from cutting/securing the ends. Please see my Pony Clippings tutorial.

Waaah!! i don"t have access to hair. What else deserve to I use? A small creativity? I"ve seen custom-mades made with: DMC embroidery floss, yarn, your own hair, her horse"s hair, wool, clay hair, beaded strands, wire, and also even no hair in ~ all!

I"m in search of a certain form of hair. Fluffy, thin, and much more fur-like. Where can I find this? Hmmm...you could shot using part specialty yarns or maybe alpaca fiber. Or check the towel store for plush fabrics. An additional option would certainly be come transplant it from a stuffed animal. Be affected by each other in mind that if you usage "natural" fibers like wool or alpaca, you have to defend it from moths. Some human being use mothballs. I like Deep-Woods Off"s lavender packets.

Where have the right to I acquire tinsel for ponies? There are several possibilities: buy that from a practice supply provider, take it indigenous a donor pony, or search for tinsel the was not particularly designed for ponies. If you space not concerned with the broad of the tinsel or exact shade matches, part Christmas decorations or gift plunder tinsel will work-related in a pinch. If you desire finer strands, try digging through your fabric store"s choice of "fancy/special occasion" threads. One more option: fraying the edge of metallic fabric.

What advice execute you have for someone re-rooting through tinsel? It is delicate and also can snap easily. A the majority of tinsels discolor/melt with heat. Store this in mind when styling the pony - test a sample first. Tinsel additionally requires extra time/effort in prepping and also re-rooting. No to point out the extra cost. A role of fancy thread can price $4-6 united state dollars! If you"re making the tradition as a i was delegated project, please save this in mind. Also I do NOT recommend using tinsel in your very very first re-rooting project. Exercise with plain hair first, to minimize your frustrations! ^_^ What form of hair perform YOU especially use for re-rooting? Currently, I"ve been making use of a many kanekalon and nylon hair. It just depends top top the look I"m trying to achieve. If something requirements curls, I"ll walk for kanekalon or nylon hair. If something requirements super shiny hair, I"ll reach because that the saran hair. What is a skein? How plenty of ponies have the right to I re-root through a skein that hair? A skein is an imprecise unit the measurement...like a "basketful" or "wad" the something. The ax usually describes a roll of a yarn. Some civilization use the to refer to a roll of fabricated hair. The size of the skeins varies...it depends on who you buy your hair from. Also, the number of ponies you can re-root with a skein the hair depends on her technique/style of re-rooting. If you favor the hair super lengthy & at sight thick, you will need more hair. The estimates from the table over are for average length hair rooted in a thickness comparable to the Hasbro originals. What do you use to certain the tail in the pony? I favor either plastic or stainless stole washers...they"re both relatively expensive, yet they won"t rust. You deserve to buy these at any type of hardware store such as home Depot, ACE hardware, or Lowe"s. Some people use string/ribbon.

Where room the instructions for re-rooting? Okay, I ultimately got around to creating a re-rooting tutorial. It"s ideal here: http://www.4476mountvernon.com/mlp/customs/rerooting.html

C"mon! Isn"t over there a faster way to re-root? Re-rooting is tedious no matter just how you carry out it. Most customizers think this is the most time-consuming part. So, pop in a music CD or grab a friend to talk to and start re-rooting!!

Where are the instructions for re-tailing or make a instead of tail? happy you asked. There"s a indict now. It"s here: http://www.4476mountvernon.com/mlp/customs/tail.html

How carry out I re-root a Brush n" thrive Pony? LOL, that"s a an excellent question. Unfortunately, I"ve never done the before and I"ve only seen ONE circumstances where who re-rooted a BnG AND restored the device to functioning order. I have a bait Brush n" flourish pony that has actually been headless for years. It can be feasible to adhesive the mechanism ago in place, however I haven"t experimented v that yet. The parts will be breakable after gluing, therefore this is no the finest idea. If girlfriend don"t care if the tail works or not, you can just eliminate the mechanism and also glue the head earlier in place. In this case, she will certainly be a non-Brush n" Grow.

How execute you dye hair? Below are really straightforward dyeing instructions. Not all hair species will take it dye (see the table above). Many customizers use Rit cloth dye. This is easily accessible in handmade stores & basic merchandise stores like Target or Wal*Mart. The liquid kind can it is in painted right onto the pony"s hair. The powder kind needs come be dissolved in water first. Just use to the pony"s hair & let that sit. If you desire it darker, let that sit longer. Try not to get any dye on the really pony. I usage shallow dishes for dyeing hair. Then, rinse the pony"s hair in running water. Yes, the color are lot lighter ~ this step. I normally wash the pony"s hair in shampoo to get rid of the residual dye. Utilizing a vinegar soak climate is optional. Rit dyes aren"t true "acid dyes" (which call for vinegar - dilute acetic acid), although part colors room blends containing acid dyes.

Should ns dye the hair first, then re-root, or dye the hair on the pony? If you have actually a choice, dye the hair first, climate re-root. If the hair is damaged by the dyeing process, girlfriend can constantly dye one more batch. If it"s currently on the pony, you would have to re-root the again!

Can i dye a pony and also her hair without acquisition her apart? Real MLP hair will certainly take dye well, however the colors space unpredictable. Shot testing the dye on the tail. That way, if the tail color doesn"t rotate out well, girlfriend can easily replace it. Also, the human body & hair might take up dye at a various rate. Friend will have to take the pony personal first, since most water contain salt and this will reason the tail ring to rust. What about special effects like gradients & stripes? usage a repaint brush & apply the dye to dried hair in a selected area. Let it sit, rinse together usual. Your results will depend on the kind of hair used. See listed below for an ext details.

The hair isn"t dyeing the means that I desire it to. Why? In general, fabricated material like pony hair is difficult to dye. The results rely on the type of hair you"re using. Some hair will certainly dye well, others will certainly not. The hair may not end up the color on the dye package. Why? Well, because the dye was meant for organic fabrics, not man-made hair!! The only method you can tell is by testing it out.

I dyed mine pony"s hair and now it"s seeping top top the pony and also staining everything. What deserve to I do? Unfortunately, this is always a problem with dyed hair or dyed anything for that matter. Ns would shot washing the hair really carefully (as no to obtain the pony wet) through some shampoo. It"s ideal to shampoo the hair after ~ dyeing, to get most the the dye residue out. However, it might not solve all of your problems...over time, dye may still leach into the pony"s body.

Can ns bleach pony hair? The just natural color that is truly "bleachable" is the fading pink shade found on Posey, Wind Whistler, G3 Minty. You have the right to bleach that shade by leave the hair out in the sun. Bleach might or might not alter the other colors. The only real means to know is to try a sample. Ns accidentally bleaching a Moondancer tail one time and also it turned an ugly maroon-brown color. I would say it"s practically impossible to bleach pony hair come 100% white (except fadable pink). have the right to I dye the hair ~ above a so-soft? It"s possible, yet you"ll probably finish up dyeing the flocking at the roots together well. There yes, really isn"t a good way roughly this.

How carry out you curl hair? There are several means to execute this. The easiest & safest method is just to gain the pony"s hair wet, comb it directly while including a tiny dab of conditioner, then rolling it in a curler. Let the sit for a few days. I choose the sponge rollers. The much longer you wait, the tighter the curls. Then, very closely remove the curlers. Curls will certainly soften v time. I don"t recommend making use of hairspray top top ponies (which can damage hair & symbols).

Can i straighten curly artificial hair? Well, it relies on the hair type. If friend want directly hair, it"s ideal to begin with right hair. Some civilization use curly doll or expansion hair because that re-rooting, which might be less complicated to find. The composition of the hair is commonly not listed...who to know what"s in there. Test an unrooted lock (NOT attached come the pony) prior to trying anything on the custom itself. Mist the hair v some water & use an iron collection on the lowest temperature. Hopefully, it won"t melt under the heat.

How perform I straighten Yaki/Jumbo Braid kanekalon hair? It"s tedious, yet I carry out it in two steps. First, prior to re-rooting, take it a small handful (about 1" wide) of the hair and also mist it lightly through water. Use a curling iron or straightening iron set to the lowest setting. Fold the hair in fifty percent and host it through the folded part. Operation the iron through the hair numerous times, while pulling it versus the iron. Make certain your curling iron is straight...don"t have it angled. Be very alert that the kanekalon isn"t melt or acquiring frizzier! Spritz much more water ~ above it and also repeat a few times. Then, allow the hair come dry. After the is totally dry, re-root the pony. As soon as you"re finished v your painting and customizing, it"s time to layout the hair. Trim off the scraggly ends and also mist the hair. Rub a tiny amount of conditioner into the mane and tail. (Note: i wait until the finish to include conditioner, since if you obtain it elsewhere, it might keep the repaint from sticking to the pony). Use your curling iron set on short to do the final straightening. When again, be really careful not to melt the hair! If you want curly kanekalon, it will look better if you straighten the hair first.

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Where have the right to I uncover dark gray hair? Hmmmm...as much as i know, over there isn"t a pure dark gray artificial hair out there. One visitor mentioned that Dollyhair.com has actually a shade called Hematite, described as "dark stole silver with a hint of plum." Update: I have a sample the this shade on hand and it is therefore dark that it"s practically black. It"s basically black through muted purple highlights. A gorgeous color, yet I think it"s method too dark come be referred to as gray. There is likewise a white/black blend in Kanekalon. After ~ de-frizzing, the separate white/black strands would certainly be more noticeable. Another option would be dyeing light silver or white Kanekalon. Or white colored real MLP hair. I"m no a huge fan of dyeing...it usually gets all over on the pony (and that can also rub off on various other ponies).

How do I remove that fresh re-rooted poofy hair look? Hey!! Some world actually like that "swept" hair look! If it"s not for you, shot wetting the pony"s hair, then host it down v a rubber band. After some time, the hair will remain flat against the pony"s head. Alternately, you could wet the hair, hold it flat, then use a hairdryer ~ above it. **please note: be sure to test artificial hair first!! A lot of of artificial hair brands including saran hair (katsilk) will certainly melt v heat.**

How perform I deal with "fly away" or revolution buildup on hair? relocate to a humid environment. LOL, just kidding! ns live in a really dry place, yet my ponies have well behaved hair. Exactly how do I carry out it? It"s actually very simple. First, wet under your pony"s hair. Then apply a small dab of hair conditioner & comb it transparent the hair. "A tiny dab" because that me is a slim coating ~ above the pad the my index finger. About the dimension of a dime. If her pony"s hair feels greasy, you"ve provided too much. Layout & permit the hair dry on that is own. Friend don"t must rinse the end the conditioner. What brand the hair treatment products execute you recommend? *scrunches eyebrows* I just use every little thing I have on hand. Normally Pantene"s Smooth & Sleek or Thermasilk. Lock seem to be an ext expensive, but you don"t need to use together much, for this reason the expense works out to be around the exact same =)