Main difference – Phospholipid vs Triglyceride

Phospholipids and triglycerides are necessary molecules found in organic systems. They space two that the three varieties of lipids uncovered in nature. The other kind of lipid is sterols. These types are different from each various other according to your chemical structure. However, phospholipids and triglycerides are discovered in high amounts in our human body whereas the lot of sterols present is an extremely less. Over there is a slight difference in between Phospholipids and triglycerides in their chemical structure. The main difference between the structures of phospholipid and triglycerides is that a phospholipid molecule is written of a glycerol backbone enclosed to 2 fatty acids and a phosphate team whereas triglyceride is written of 3 fatty mountain groups.

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1. What is Phospholipid – Definition, Occurrence, and also Functions 2. What is Triglyceride – Definition, Occurrence, and Functions 3. What are the Similarities in between Phospholipid and also Triglyceride outline of usual Features 4. What is the Difference in between Phospholipid and also Triglyceride – comparison of vital Differences

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What is Phospholipid

Phospholipid is a form of lipid composed of a phosphate team attached to a glycerol backbone. A phospholipid molecule is composed of a glycerol backbone attached to two fatty acid groups along with a phosphate group. The structure of phospholipid is explained as having a hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail. This is dubbed the amphiphilic character of phospholipids. The hydrophilic head the the phospholipid molecule is composed of a phosphate group and a glycerol backbone. The hydrophobic tail of the phospholipid molecule is composed of two fatty mountain chains. These fatty acid chains are long chain fatty acids. Castle repel water. Therefore, they are taken into consideration as hydrophobic component of the phospholipid molecule.


Figure 1: structure of Phospholipid Molecule

Phospholipid is mainly discovered in the framework of cabinet membranes the organisms. It is in the kind of a bilayer where 2 phospholipid layers space present. Here, the hydrophilic head creates the surface of the bilayer. The hydrophobic tails are in the middle of the bilayer.

Phospholipids have an extremely important functions. They space the significant structural component of the cell membrane. Phospholipids help to keep the cell components inside the cytoplasm and also regulate the exchange that some contents in the cell through the surrounding.

The resources of phospholipids encompass soya beans, rapeseed, chicken eggs, sunflower oil, etc. Phospholipids assist oils to type colloids with water. Therefore, phospholipids are supplied as emulsifiers in food technology.

What is Triglyceride

Triglyceride is a type of lipid the is written of a glycerol backbone enclosed to 3 fatty acid chains. The name triglyceride is given because of the existence of these three fatty acid chains. As soon as considering the chemical structure of a triglyceride, it have the right to be recognized as an ester compound. This is as result of the presence of –COOC- bond. Here, a glycerol molecule reaction with 3 alcohol molecule in stimulate to form a triglyceride. A glycerol molecule has actually three carboxylic groups. These carboxylic groups are attached to the three alcohol groups, releasing a water molecule per each bond. Therefore, three water molecules room released once a triglyceride is formed.

Triglycerides space the significant component of pet fat and also vegetable fat. Therefore, the is referred to as storage fat. Triglycerides have the right to be discovered in saturated form or unsaturated form. This unsaturation is because of the visibility of double bonds in the fatty mountain molecules. The 3 fatty acid teams can be either identical or different. Therefore, follow to the type of fat acid present in the triglyceride, the nature are different from one triglyceride to another. Moreover, these triglycerides deserve to be monounsaturated or polyunsaturated follow to the number of dual bonds current in the triglyceride.


Figure 2: an Unsaturated Triglyceride Molecule

Since triglycerides space storage fat in our body, lock can administer us v the power we require as soon as there isn’t enough calories in our body. Furthermore, triglycerides are helpful in absorption of details nutrients that are fat-soluble.

Similarities in between Phospholipid and Triglyceride

Both compounds are composed that a glycerol backbone.Both compounds room composed that fatty mountain chains.Both link are species of lipids.

Difference between Phospholipid and also Triglyceride


Phospholipid: Phospholipid is a lipid written of a phosphate team attached to a glycerol backbone.

Triglyceride: Triglyceride is a lipid the is created of a glycerol backbone attached to 3 fatty mountain chains.

Number that Fatty acid Chains

Phospholipid: Phospholipids are composed of 2 fatty acid chains.

Triglyceride: Triglycerides are composed of 3 fatty acid chains.

Presence that Phosphate Group

Phospholipid: Phospholipids space composed of a phosphate team attached come the glycerol backbone.

Triglyceride: Triglycerides has actually no phosphate teams attached come the glycerol backbone.


Phospholipid: Phospholipids comprise the cabinet membrane of cells.

Triglyceride: triglycerides act as the fat storage in ours body.


Phospholipid: In the development of a phospholipid molecule, 2 water molecules are released as byproducts of each phospholipid molecule.

Triglyceride: In the development of a triglyceride molecule, 3 water molecules are released together byproducts of every triglyceride molecule.


phospholipids and triglycerides are two types of lipid molecules. They are composed that a glycerol backbone attached come fatty mountain chains. This fatty mountain chains are lengthy chains and are hydrophobic. Although these molecules it seems ~ similar, there is a difference in between phospholipids and triglycerides in their framework and role in our body.

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