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The Broadway present schedule for new Year’s week, and also a perform of various other shows, parties, concerts, intimate dinners, cruises and also outdoor occasions you have the right to still perform on brand-new Year’s night 2015 (when 2014 turns into 2015) in brand-new York City. Also complimentary events — and TV listings.

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“It’s so much an ext fun to stay home,” Anderson Cooper, the new Year’s Eve hold on CNN, said roughly this time critical year. “I don’t recognize anybody who has a fun time in ~ a party at new Year’s Eve. That’s why I work on new Year’s Eve.”

That may additionally be why, according to an linked Press survey, just eight percent the American to speak they setup to go out on new Year’s Eve.

For those who setup to go out, yet haven’t make those to plan yet, here are some ideas:


The new Year’s Eve heritage in time Square started in 1904 through a rooftop celebration to greet the new Year. 3 years later, they started lowering a ball.

From the organizers comes this summary of New Year’s eve in times Square, so you know what is in store for girlfriend if you decide to was standing at the Crossroads the the civilization for new Year’s Eve

3 p.m. Revelers start arriving late in the afternoon on brand-new Year’s Eve. By about 3:00 PM., the Bowtie of times Square (42nd come 47th Sts. In between Broadway & 7th Ave.) is completely closed to traffic.

6:00 pm to 6:03 afternoon Lighting and also Raising the times Square new Year’s night Ball

6:04 p.m. Come 6:18 p.m.Opening Ceremonies – Chinese cultural Performance

The schedule go on like this in ten-minute increments, and also includes Countdowns by hosts including Anderson Cooper, and also a number of performances: Idina Menzelperforms permit It walk (aptly for new Year’s Eve, no?) indigenous 8:26 to 8:30 p.m. Taylor Swift performs Welcome to brand-new York and also Shake It off from 11:39 to 11:46 p.m (Think they’ll keep to this an exact schedule?)

DINING out ON brand-new YEAR’S EVE

Open Table lists part 800 restaurants  with “New Year’s eve offers” many of them market a choice of seatings – either previously in the evening, so the you can make that in time somewhere else for the punch of midnight, or party-hat-equipped seatings that lead up to midnight, whereby you can frequently turn on a TV so that you can watch the sphere drop in times Square. Open up Table allows you to look because that one in her neighborhood.


Only ripe of the 35 shows at this time on Broadway will be providing performances on brand-new Year’s night — all of them matinees. (They’re virtually all in time Square, remember) But, together you have the right to see in the schedule below, nearly every display has performances top top Monday (a work when virtually all reflects are usually dark), and 11 have added matinees ~ above the Friday after brand-new Year’s.

Keep in mind that a an excellent number of these shows are closing soon, so this is your last opportunity to check out them.

Closing January 3, 2015: Cinderella

Closing January 4, 2015: Once, Pippin, This is ours Youth, The genuine Thing, side Show

Closing January 18, 2015: Motown, The River, rock of Ages


New year Eve central website lists much more than 100 brand-new Year’s night parties at brand-new York nightclubs 


It doesn’t start until Thursday evening however it’s worth stating first: The city Room’s effort to rest a Guinness book of human being Record because that longest marathon selection cabaret show ever — 275 performers non-stop over three days. (They shooting hoarse singers don’t they?)

54 Below

Charles Busch, 7 p.m.

Laura Benanti, 11 p.m.

 Metropolitan Club

Marilyn Maye, brand-new Year’s eve is the first night the a two-week run

Joe’s Pub

Sandra Bernhard #Blessed, 9 and also 11 p.m.

 The Duplex

Natalie Douglas – as the Bistro Awards placed it in making her its choose for the evening, “Natalie Douglas at The Duplex on brand-new Year’s eve has become a new York institution. With her longtime musical director note Hartman in ~ the piano.”


December 29–30 and January 1–4 (every night except brand-new Year’s Eve)The Temptations and the four Tops at the Palace Theatre“Ain’t as well Proud come Beg.” “Papa to be a roll Stone.” “Reach the end I’ll it is in There.” “Bernadette.” The Temptations and the 4 Tops room responsible for several of the 20th century’s many memorable melodies. Though only one original member survives in every band, the songs live on.

December 30–31Erasure at Terminal 5

December 31Elton John at Barclays Center

The New Year’s night Concert for peace at The Cathedral Church that St. John, a tradition begun by Leonard Bernstein. A minimal number of seats are easily accessible to the public for free.

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New Year’s night Fireworks at Grand military Plaza, possibility Park


Big selling point of every these cruises — a close-up the the new Year’s night fireworks over the water. Most include a buffet, open bar, and dancing v a dj.