The Rowdy Rewind looks back at Ronda Rousey’s very first year that matches and segments in WWE, the people that have actually yet come be extended by

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On Sunday, June 17, 2018, WWE ran its ninth Money in the bank pay-per-view—live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. If eight ladies from RAW and SmackDown duked the out earlier in the night to knife the title of “Ms. Money in the Bank”—which Alexa Bliss “earned”—over on the red brand, specifics “The Irresistible Force” Nia Jax defended her raw Women’s Championship versus “The Baddest mrs on the Planet” Ronda Rousey.

This wouldn’t just be a first-time singles encounter in between the 2 women: This would certainly be Ronda’s first-ever singles and title match in WWE.

And it all began when raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax made decision to personally challenge Ronda Rousey come a championship match when they to be at last year’s NBC universal Upfronts. “Can you be RAW Women’s Champion,” Nia asked Ronda, prior to letting her recognize that she wanted the WWE rookie to be her adversary at Money in the Bank. And you know what? it was actually a respectful challenge, and also the two women shook hands. (Also, prefer at this previous WrestleMania, Charlotte Flair was also there.)

The respect didn’t last long.

At the contract signing because that this match—four weeks prior to the pay-per-view—Stephanie McMahon attempted come play master manipulator, pass up just how Ronda “leapfrogged” her way over other, an ext deserving women. Then she stated that Nia to be “trying to make a surname for it s her at expense,” call Ronda “ripe because that the picking.” Stephanie additionally brought increase the lack of weight department in WWE, pointing out that Nia is “bigger,” ”stronger,” and “more powerful” 보다 Ronda.

It didn’t work to rile Ronda up, but then Stephanie brought up exactly how it take it Nia 15-20 minutes to beat tiny Alexa Bliss at the year’s WrestleMania. She stated the Ronda knew the truth around how Nia to be “lazy,” happen up exactly how it wouldn’t take too long for Ronda to get Nia right into the armbar—if she might even do it, because of Nia’s size. As Stephanie retained going on about Nia’s size, finally, the champion snapped… but not in ~ Stephanie.

Instead, she dropped right into Stephanie’s trap and also said that Ronda couldn’t put the armbar ~ above her. “The reality is, I will make a name for myself. Due to the fact that I’m gonna win you in ~ Money in the Bank.” Ronda’s response? She signed the contract, moved the table, and told Nia she “really happy the fact came out.” they shook hands again though, right before Ronda promised come take her title and her arm. (Stephanie loved it all.)

The adhering to week top top RAW, Nia decided to prove the she can get out of the armbar easily. “The armbar—it doesn’t really mean much come me,” she said. Again, she brought up the talking allude that Ronda may not even be able to lock the armbar in on her, together she continued to display off every the moves she can use to gain the three-count on Ronda.

Nia’s power was also on full display screen in this feud, particularly as Ronda honestly had actually never faced anyone choose her…

…but Ronda showed days before the complement that she could, in fact, put Nia in the armbar.


Ronda Rousey def. Nia Jax (c) via Disqualification, in a raw Women’s Championship match

Perhaps a sign of what to be to come, the champion Nia Jax actually come out first. According to Corey Graves, it to be “the champion’s prerogative,” a pressure of intimidation. However it was Ronda Rousey that made her adversary wait for she to enter. Climate out come Ronda, with a laugh on her confront for the WWE Universe. Yet as quickly as that bell rang and also JoJo make the in-ring introductions? certain no smiles—it was video game time.

The champion’s strategy? rush the challenger immediately, using her power game and also size advantage. She journey Ronda right into the corner, climate threw her throughout the ring and also manhandled her in the opposite corner. Yet as she make the efforts to do it again, Ronda had the ability to sidestep the end of the corner. This time, Nia chose to grab Ronda by the throat, letting her know play time was over: “I don’t think so, Ronda.” However, that just fired increase Ronda even more, as she bust the end the strikes, control Nia come the corner this time. However Nia pushed Ronda away, headbutting her down to the ground, going back to the corner and also charging her. Together commentary noted, in MMA, headbutts are illegal—but no in WWE.

All the this occurred before Nia put Ronda on she shoulders for a Samoan Drop. Unfortunately for Nia, she invested too lot time gloating, and Ronda was able to grab her arm, apply a kimura lock, and also ground she larger enemy so she might attempt to transition into the armbar the Nia had spent weeks speak she wasn’t worried about. While Ronda was able to obtain Nia right into what looked prefer a triangle submission situation, instead of fading, Nia offered her power to get back to a upright base… and also lift Ronda up because that a sit-out powerbomb. “That might be the very first powerbomb the she’s ever taken,” Coach listed on commentary.

Upon attempting come get ago to she feet, Ronda actually fell through the ropes and out to the floor. Referee man Cone began to counting Ronda out, yet Nia came out to do more damage. Ronda countered Nia’s attempt to powerbomb her outside… so Nia simply swung her right into the barricade instead. She threw Ronda earlier into the ring to do a pen attempt, however she only obtained a two-count.

Nia ongoing to display her power versus Ronda, tossing the challenger with a gorilla press favor she was nothing. Yet Ronda still verified fight, locking in a no hope guillotine on Nia, then going because that a sunset upper and lower reversal attempt… i beg your pardon Nia reversed and also turned into a method to just throttle Ronda ~ above the mat over and over again. Nia screamed at Ronda: “I to be the baddest!” top top commentary, Michael Cole said that Nia had been irritable by the reality that, if she won the title because that the very first time at WrestleMania 34, that victory was overshadowed by Ronda’s debut match.

So she relocated on to wearing Ronda down, locking in the bearhug. (To i beg your pardon Coach made one of his worst commentary gaffes, speak it gave Ronda “a small bit that a rest,” and also Corey graves questioned—as us all did the night—how Coach was still employed.) Ronda had the ability to strike her way out of the host though, only to lastly eat a Samoan Drop indigenous Nia. Yet still, just a two-count.

At this point, it was clear that Nia to be frustrated, particularly as Ronda retained trying to fight back. Nia attempted to hit a foot drop ~ above Ronda, but Ronda moved. Climate she avoided Nia charging her in the corner, with Nia walking shoulder first into the post. Nia fee again, just to end up in a rope-assisted armbar. After breaking the hold, Ronda make the efforts to number out what to perform next, and also to the height rope she went, hitting Nia through a substantial crossbody… that only gained a two-count (with Nia kicking her out right right into the corner). But the WWE cosmos was behind Ronda, chanting “RONDA ROUSEY,” and also she entered that currently patented following gear. The strikes, the step up knee, and also then a judo throw on Nia. She went because that the armbar again, and it actually turned it into a pen attempt ~ above Nia, but again, just two.

Then come a uranage and also another armbar attempt, which Nia fought, but Ronda was about to lock it in… until Alexa Bliss came into the ring indigenous behind and Ronda v the Money in the financial institution briefcase, forcing a disqualification. Then she hit Nia through the briefcase…. But continued to pursue Ronda even more. In fact, even when that looked like she was about to cash-in, she checked out the outside to attack Ronda more.

She finally went earlier into the ring v the briefcase, targeting Nia’s eight that Ronda had been working on the entire match. Climate the enhance started, and also we acquired a brand-new RAW Women’s Champion—it just wasn’t Ronda Rousey.

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Of course, what adhered to was Ronda Rousey’s championship hunt every the method to SummerSlam 2018…

You have the right to go back and revisit this enhance (and the totality of Money in the financial institution 2018) top top the WWE Network.

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