50 Cent got affiliated after Nicki Minaj called out stack Ross for firing shots at she on 'Apple Of mine Eye.'. Picture: Getty
Nicki referred to as out Ross for his lyrics about her top top his 2017 track 'Apple Of mine Eye' (The duo pictured here with Future in ~ the 2016 American Music Awards.). Picture: Getty

Minaj, 36, slammed the rapper during her illustration on The Joe Budden Podcast, quickly after blasting Budden self for claiming she to be on drugs last summer.

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"When a grown-a** f**king guy name-drops a woman and also disses a mrs to offer an album when I was the only human being in your artist's corner when everyone turned their ago on them."

The 'MEGATRON' rapstress then recalled a text message Ross had sent to Meek Mill call Nicki "a keeper" after ~ she spoke to Barack Obama, that was chairman at the time, about Meek's probation situation.

50 Cent chimed in ~ Nicki Minaj came for his long-time rival rick Ross. Picture: Getty

"And climate you come the end on one album as soon as it's time to offer some weak-a** f**king album and shot to disrespect Nicki Minaj, and now you try to disrespect 50?" she said, adding fuel come the 50-Ross fire.

"Try to expect 50 would certainly respond to your nonsense this time? Boy, sit her fat a** down." and also 50 soon captured wind the Nicki defending him.

"Nicki be blacking out on this ni**as. LOL," he wrote on Instagram. "And she will have the Makks on castle head." Ross is however to respond come the comments from both parties.

50 Cent chimed in after Nicki Minaj slammed rick Ross throughout Joe Budden's podcast. Picture: Instagram

Earlier this month, Ross asserted 50 had actually "lost his value" in the music game, to which 50 fired back. "I don't know what his value is to music society at this moment," the said.

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The duo's beef spans over a decade, their feud escalating over various diss tracks. Critical year, once Ross was hospitalised, 50 caught backlash for trolling him.