Fall/Winter 2021 appointments are open for booking.To schedule one appointment, please contact 920-395-2442 ~or~ stop in in ~ 1019 N 8th Street,and we will be happy to collection a custom size appointment because that you.We execute NOT schedule appointments via Email, Facebook, Instagram, or Text.

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WINTER COATS: we will accept coats as a walk-in because that a tiny window due to a minimal selling season; coats will certainly be embraced from Sept 1 – Oct 31 only. ** agree tip; PLEASE launder her jacket prior to you bring it in; if that hasn’t been laundered, it will certainly be sent house with you.  If you have actually a lot of bottoms; remove 80% the them, bottoms execute not market well, and we will just take in more recent styles.Children’s item sell best when in set – folded together when possible. Young Men’s/ Men’s/ Boys: we offer the ideal sporting & casual, us will only take a restricted amount that dress/professional clothing in these categories.No bras, panties, adult PJ/Robes, etc. Unless they are NWT

2021 Fall/Winter Consignors, please read below:

Missed appointments, if you execute not display up for your appointment you might not be able to for whole year from the appointment date. (We will take into account prior history and size of appointment)

Appointment text reminders,please answer “yes” come let us know you are coming. (Please note, we have the right to not answer to the reminder texts. If you need to readjust a date, please contact 920-918-1790)

To schedule one appointment, please contact 920-395-2442 ~or~ stop in in ~ 1019 N 8 hours Street,and we will certainly be happy to set a custom dimension appointment because that you.We carry out NOT schedule appointments via Email, Facebook, Instagram, or Text.

We will proceed to be really selective as soon as deciding ~ above what items we will certainly consign. Please Look over your items closely prior to your appointment. If us feel friend didn’t or watch over her items, we will stop the appointment and return all your items come you.

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Nikki’s Nex2New customers have pertained to expect: In-style and also items to it is in in next to brand-new condition.Please know our item an option is never a personal decision; it is a company decision!We room listing to our customers and judging previous style background shopping tendencies.

Spring/Summer 2022 appointments will certainly be obtainable to book after January 2022.

We will begin accepting Prom dresses for the 2022 Season in December 2021, watch our Facebook and Instagram for dates.