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Futurama Fry is picture macro collection that provides a quiet of fried food squinting his eye from the TV display Futurama, and is commonly paired v overlaid text using a phrasal template. The top line reads "Not certain if X", through "or just Y" as the bottom line, and also is supplied to stand for an internal monologue.

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In the Season 2, episode 6 illustration of Futurama titled "The Lesser of two Evils", Fry deserve to be checked out making the confront shortly ~ being uncovered searching Leela"s underwear drawer at approximately 15 minutes right into the episode.<1>

This still picture was an initial used in a I see What friend Did over there derivative:



One that the earliest derivatives to usage the phrasal template appears to it is in the "not sure if trolling, or simply stupid" image macro. Derivatives have the right to be found on Memebase<2>, Quickmeme<3>, FunnyJunk<4>, Memegenerator<5>, and also the Advice pets subreddit.<6>





Canonical Recognition

The 7th season the the show aired ~ above June 20th, 2012.<7> In the main leading as much as the start of the new season, Comedy central aired number of commercials featuring Fry making use of the style and phrasal design template of "Not sure if X". Amongst original ones, these also used featured various popular versions the the phrase discovered online. ~ above June 20th, 2012, Fry showed up at the finish of the opening sequence that the brand-new episode in the layout of the unit volume template together with the caption "Not certain if brand-new episode, or simply rerun of episode I watched drunk".

Search Interest

Search questions volume for "futurama fry" is far too huge to be minimal to the photo macro series, however "fry meme" and "futurama meme" may provide a an ext accurate look at at search query volume specifically concerned the images. Searches the the expression commonly associated with the fry meme, "Not certain if trolling, or simply stupid" can additionally be checked out as increasing months ~ the arrival of the meme.

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