By much one of my favorite pieces of my construct it just looks so sleek and also the cable administration in the is amazing. It is therefore open and also easy to take apart and clean i would certainly recommend this to most human being if you"re searching for a much more plain case where the focus is the interior. The back panel cable monitoring gets a little tight once the panel is on however just bring away a little bit much more effort to make whatever snug.

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Absolutely amazing, the instance is a tad little bit bigger 보다 i expected, however it makes up for a most airflow room.

The 4 FANS the the instance comes with space actually really quiet and also i can hardly hear them, cable management room is little but the foam somewhat renders up because that it.

There is simply enough room for cable management and the window panel scratches easily, but overall is great looking and also all the dust filters assist keeping the within clean.

I really favor this case, however the connectors from the leds and also power switch were a little finicky to install on a Asus Z170-A ATX LGA1151.

A really nice spring case. Very easy to download with numerous room. That was in between this case or the INWIN 805 Infinity. Either would have done the job yet I love the clean, matte look of the case.

Great case. Love the foam padding for extra noise dampening. Decent cable management. Love the rubber grommets. HDD slides room a bit finnicky.

Sleek feather case, absolutely exorbitant in state of develop quality, the noise dampening material does its task well, and also the airflow is as an excellent as i need. Straightforward to construct in, favor 13 1/2" that GPU clearance if you eliminate the drive cages the you don"t need, which are simple to remove. The PSU shroud is a quite touch v the LED logo, and also the SSD mounts on peak of that are an excellent as well.

Now, if you acquire this all black color version, the home window is that smoked color that makes it tough to check out through, therefore if friend really desire to watch your build, i would protect against this one, however it"s nice if you simply want the light to light through and also not watch every solitary detail. Or you can go top top the NZXT subreddit and also see if assistance will send you the end a clean windowed next panel. They room really amazing people.

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Beautiful case, I just love it. Very nice finish, an excellent build quality, therefore a little bit heavy, yet not also bad. Sufficient room for everything, 4476mountvernon.com told my Gigabyte Geforce970 wouldn"t fit, yet it go fit there is no removing any bays. I simply removed the fan hub due to the fact that I didn"t need it and also this provided me a bit an ext room for cable management. It is a chop fit behind the motherboard for all her cables, but you have actually plenty that room alongside the power supply come hide every one of your cables.