Don"t count on seeing Old navy ads through Amy Schumer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Elizabeth financial institutions anytime soon. Under new Chief Marketing Officer Jamie Gersch, the gap Inc.-owned retailer is going earlier to basics, replacing its three-year-old funny lady campaign with a an ext products-driven marketing platform. The new campaign, "Hi, Fashion" will certainly debut Wednesday.

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"It"s time to relocate on to something new," said Ms. Gersch, who was appointed CMO in October. "We want to make certain the natural DNA of the brand, surrounding by the funny personality and also wink really shines through, but additionally make certain the product is at the facility of every little thing we do."

Well-fitting pants have the leading function in the first 30-second TV spot, which functions a number of derrières in vivid khakis. The light-hearted advertisement shows different women climbing the end of their bedroom home windows as potential suitors wait below, flower in hand. In one clip, a tattooed dad pedals his toddler"s tricycle as his daughter runs behind.

"It"s not high fashion, it"s "Hi, Fashion,"" said Ms. Gersch. "We don"t want human being to take it fashion for this reason seriously." A 2nd 30-second spot, which attributes floral-dress-clad women and also girls as a rough skateboarding crew, will air later on this month. Old marine plans to air roughly five full spots v the spring and summer in a mix of 30-and 15-second versions. Numerous of the 15-second clips will be specialized to the digital space, whereby the mountain Francisco-based brand is planning a #sayhi social campaign, which consists of a host of content and also events because that influencers and editors with Popsugar.

The last of the ads indigenous the many recent series with Ms. Schumer aired critical week.

Chandelier Creative, which has operated with the brand due to the fact that 2013, tackled the TV and radio, when Old Navy"s inner team operated on the social component that the campaign. When the brand-new push is comparable in budget plan to vault efforts, that will include some cinema marketing and much more digital video. Old Navy, i beg your pardon is pull close $7 exchange rate in yearly sales, spent $128.8 million on measured media in the U.S. Critical year, follow to Kantar Media. Critical year, space Inc. Spent $601 million on complete marketing expenses, increase $23 million from 2015, according to remarks do on a current conference call.

The 23-year-old brand has long been the golden goose in the $15.5 billion space Inc. Portfolio, yet suffered some missteps last year after ~ the departures of former CEO Stefan Larsson and prior CMO Ivan Wicksteed. Yet by the end of 2016, Old Navy had actually regained favor through consumers and reported a 12% increase in same-store sales throughout the crucial December holiday period. Because that fiscal 2016, Old Navy had actually its fifth consecutive year of network sales growth and also saw same-store sales rise 1%. Art Peck, chief executive, management of gap Inc., even called out the brand"s marketing—labeling the "cut-through" ~ above a recent conference call.

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"We have actually a solid marketing voice," stated Mr. Peck ~ above the call, noting the Old marine recently presented a aboriginal app and has currently seen an excellent engagement indigenous customers.