The television series Once ~ above a Time has actually incorporated fairy tale personalities including eye White, Red riding Hood and also Rumpelstiltskin- has actually the title character the Jack and also the Beanstalk ever before made an figure on the show?


Yes, yet with the unpreventable Once ~ above a Time twist

In the as soon as Upon A Time version of the story, the character of Jack is switched because that a woman called Jacqueline that calls it s her Jack for short. She is shown by Cassidy Freeman.

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Her story is told in the illustration "Tiny" (season 2, episode 13). Spoiler for her story below.

She and also Prince James befriend Anton the giant, yet betray him by trying come steal every one of the magic beans. However, she is stabbed by Arlo the giant and also James leaves her to die. Emma find her continues to be in an previously season 2 illustration "Tallahassee."

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