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once You walk Black,You never ever Go Back~~~How true!! (dating, movies)
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As a afri female,18 years of age,I listen this speak in movies,stand up comedy and also round the means all the time. \"Once girlfriend go black You never ever go back\"LMAO!! Meaning:Once You have sex through a black color man,a guy of the contrary race will not have the ability to satisfy you choose the black guy did. come those non black ladies out over there who has actually dated or had a connection with a black brother,Is this true? NOTE!!!Please carry out not rotate this thread right into a black color vs white,etc thread!!

I\"m no racist, however I\"ve heard an additional version of the saying: \"Once you walk black, white guys don\"t desire you back\".Unfortunately, the bulk of white guys I know agree v that statement and won\"t date a white woman who has actually previously date a black color man.
As ns say.... Remain White, It\"s Outta Sight, or, One You go White, You\"ll it is in AlrightThose haven\"t captured on, unfortunately
I\"m no racist, however I\"ve heard an additional version of the saying: \"Once you go black, white boys don\"t desire you back\". Unfortunately, the majority of white men I know agree with that statement and also won\"t date a white mrs who has actually previously dated a black man.

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I\"ll have to agree through you. Once white girls walk on the \"minority ONLY\" schedule, it\"s about rebellion, subversivenss and also a feeling of adventure. White guys run the gamut from looking center Eastern come looking Nordic, and also everything in between. That there is NOTHING to appease them native that broad base tells me their attractions are based on some other (non-physical) issues.
I have a saying around me. I am recognized for \"hitting your psycho switch\" as in them stalking me, wanting come marry me, wanting exclusivity. I just dated one black color girl recently. It to be just supposed to it is in fun, she educated me she to be going to day other guys, ok? OK! One month later...\"could you meet me at Rosie\"s?\"...I drive over there. Ns walk in and also she\"s there all dolled up. Ns say \"what\"s going on?\"..she takes mine hand, smiles and also looks at me through her huge browns and also says \"marry me!\" She\"s 27, I\"m 45. I\"m not well-off or also well off. She a magazine model, stunning and also statuesque. I remainder my case! some White guys acquired it \"goin on\"
Well don\"t know about that.I lived with a black woman that Loved me very much.Sex was great on both ours parts.We just liked two different ways of life.I favored my Hunting,Fishing,Outdoor means of Life,she loved Kansas City. Hillman
Oh I have actually a great one for you.My Daughter was dating nothing however Black Men.Well this guy let ~ above he to be Black,he was really dark complected. My Daughter obtained pregnant by him.She obtained to talk to his Mom discovered out he to be Chinese
well she offered us two beutiful Granddaughters,one of i m sorry passed away.Now she is plan on getting married to a White man. I think that is an ext in your Head,we\"re every good.
provide you a couple of years. Hillman
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