I walked into my room to check out Y/N still asleep after a lengthy night. She had her face hidden in a pillow and her hand was relaxing on her head. Ns smiled to myself thinking exactly how lucky i was to have actually her in my life before walking end to the bed and softly waking she up. “Good morning Sweetheart.”



“Thanks for coming everyone! have a an excellent night.” Y/N claimed as she closed the door to our apartment. She turned and also walked over to me. “I’m going up to bed Li.” she said offering me a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll it is in up after i clean increase the kitchen.” ns smiled in ~ her and also then finished cleaning. After ~ about fifty percent an hour i walked approximately our room. Ns stopped when I experienced Y/N sleep on our bed, still in she clothes. I chuckled softly when walking towards the bed. I kissed she forehead and pulled a blanket up over she body.

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I unlocked the prior door and also walked in to check out Y/N top top the couch. She to be curled up under a blanket v the radio on. I turned the radio down and also kneeled in prior of the couch. “I’m home Y/N.” I said softly when rubbing her back. She rubbed she eyes and also propped herself up on she arm. “Hi Ni.” She stated with a tiny smile prior to wrapping she arms roughly me and also giving me a kiss.



I woke up to the sun shining in mine eyes. I felt Y/N transition next come me. “Morning baby.” She mumbled other in reply. Laughing i rolled over and also saw Y/N trying toblock the sun from her face. “It’s also early.” She groaned. I kissed she cheek and she snuggled into my arm prior to falling back asleep.

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“Hey Y/N-” ns looked up from my phone and also stopped talking once I saw that Y/N to be asleep. She had her arms folded and also her head surprise slightly through the pillow that the couch. I smiled once I heard her mumbling something around me. “Mhmm..” I relocated so ns was next to her and also pulled her right into my chest. I kissed her head together she snuggled into me.


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