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Story and also Summary-

There is closing ceremony going on ~ Saitama was disqualified and Suiryu claimed as the winner the the tournament. The announcer congratulates Suiryu to win the tournament and remained undefeated though Suiryu knows what would happened if Saitama punched the once. There is an announcement is made the the monsters room coming come the area and also the crowd must go come somewhere more secure place.

Suiryu to make Saitama the end from his head, that starts flirting through an assistant and calls her cute. The monster The three Cows landing in the stadium and also Rosie, Dave and Bazuzu in his grasps. Benpatsu tries to operation away indigenous the situation however he is caught by Gouketsu who additionally entered in the stadium. That crushed Benpatsu through his foot and also tossed his body in the air.

Gouketsu beginning mocking the contestants the they are weak and nothing useful in prior of substantial monsters. Sneck and also Lightning Max face Gouketsu and at the next moment they room kicked out in the skies out the the stadium. Gouketsu presented himself together the member the the Monster Association.

The announcer of the tournament Zakos recalls the there to be a person with the very same name to be the winner the the Tournament. Gouketsu speak it to be him however he was defeated by several of the monsters and also they take it him come the Monster Association. The became and also monster after eating the monster cell which is the key of his unbelievable power and strength. That announced the the contestant that will not eat the monster cells will be killed.

Rosie eats one of the monster cell and transformed into a monster and also attacks Dave, Dave’s human body is crushed into the wall. Rosie went for Choze but he is beat by him. He also knocked Jakumen in the air and also Gouketsu was impressed through Choze’s monster form. Gouketsu starts threatening the other contestants come eat the monster cells or they will be killed. Benpatsu, Hamukichi and also Volten eat the monster cells each. Suiryu and other remaining contestants are watching them and all the three room turned into the monsters.

Suiryu asks the cute assistant if she would certainly go top top a date with the if he defeat the monsters today, the assistant accepts. Suiryu starts attacking the brand-new transformed monsters yet all are eliminated by Suiryu. Choze to be the just monster who offered a an excellent fight come Suiryu. In the last, Suiryu visited kill Gouketsu however he is knocked out on the floor and also it reason him to vomit blood.

In Q City, Garou is city hall Watchdog male is sit on the defeated monsters. Garou is prepared to loss Watchdog Man and also he assaults on him by making use of the Water Stream however his assaults are avoided through Watchdog Man. He is effortlessly parring every the blows of Garou. Garou is angry and also he is kicked in the confront by the hero. The hero accelerates again and attack Garou that is currently in a protective mood and also realize the this hero doesn’t fight favor a man however an animal.

In the stadium, Gouketsu is standing over Suiryu and also gave him three seconds to stand up or he will gain crushed under his legs. Suiryu tries to get up and attack when again ~ above monster’s face. Suiryu attacks with countless punches and also strikes but the monster is unharmed by the blows. The Crows starts attack the other contestants however they space punched through Gouketsu.

A monster is attacking on Mumen Rider and also Tanktop grasp in the hospital. The monster is hefty on Mumen Rider and ready to kill him yet Tanktop understand arrived and punches the monster out of hospital’s building. Mumen rider compliments the strike of Tanktop Master.

In the stadium, The Crows starts attacking on Suiryu however Sneck and also Lightning Max joined Suiryu. Both space arrived v their hero outfits and they space assisting versus the 3 Crows to conserve Suiryu. 3 Crows are defeated by them and Suiryu is trying to find escape yet he observed Sneck and Lightning Max are taking the stance to strike Gouketsu.

He asks lock why they space not flying because they room weaker 보다 him and also they don’t have any type of chance against the monster. The two tells the it is their project as heroes and their fight will give a chance to Suiryu come escape native the stadium. Suiryu do the efforts to operation away native the stadium together both the heroes are crushed by Gouketsu.

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Suddenly Bakuzan arrives which was transformed into a large monster and knocked Suiryu on the ground. Gouketsu analysis that Bakuzan is reached nearly his potential v the same dragon hazard level. Suiryu is make the efforts to stand up when again but Bakuzan throws the in the air and Suiryu is assaulted again.