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Story and Summary-

Bakuzan is stand in front of Saitama and realize he to be the man who defeated him. Saitama it is provided a hefty punch and Bakuzan to be killed. Saitama introduced himself formally come Suiryu as a hero and he defines that he joined the Hero association to save people. He to be participated in the martial arts competition to enhance his martial arts ability for a guy.

The guy is hero hunter and also the world tells the he is master in martial arts, this to be the reason he to be participated in the tournament. Saitama is going to kill various other monsters because Gouketsu is still over there in the city. Suiryu is begging come Saitama for not face Gouketsu due to the fact that the monster will certainly kill him.

Saitama ignores him and starts walking away but Suiryu take away Saitama’s foot to avoid him. In the last, Saitama goes and Suiryu hears some shock waves and he believes the Saitama is killed. Gouketsu’s decapitated head floor in prior of Suiryu and also he realize the Saitama is quiet alive.

Saitama return to Suiryu and ask him because that a favor to no tell everyone what to be happened and also Suiryu asks if the could end up being a hero. Saitama replies that he can but nobody choose himself together a hero until the group starts love him. Suiryu also asks to come to be the disciple the Saitama but he denied. Puri Puri sinner is dealing with a monster named complimentary Hugger.

Some human being are cheering for Puri Puri sinner from a rooftop and he is perplexed how to death that monster. That realize everything can eliminate by love and he hugged the monster so tightly in the end it dies. Puri Puri Prisoner obtained a speak to that his prison mates were captured by the monsters. Saitama remained in conversation through Water total C class Hero and tells him the his suffer with martial arts and also Hero combination is boring him.

Saitama is going come his house and also King meets that in the way. Saitama was puzzled that he is bored v his life and King tells him to aim on become the finest hero. Saitama is no interested by informing it sound boring too, King available him to play some video game. Garou was defeated by the Watchdog Man since his fighting format was unpredictable and not favor humans.

Garou to be excited because he deserve to learn some brand-new fighting skills from Watchdog Man and also he saw The King top top the street. Garou thinks it is the right time to attack on The King and also he charged versus him but Saitama kicks him. Garou is crashed right into the concrete wall surface and he discussed to The King that even humans room attacking them. Saitama likewise mention the news that hero hunter well-known as Garou, Saitama tells he is very excited to meet him.

Genos is taken for repairing come Dr. Kuseno. Rate O Sound Sonic is law training in the jungle and he is assaulted by two talented ninja warriors called Gale Wind and also Hellfire Flame. The ninja readily available Sonic come eat the monster cells and join the Monster Association. Sonic refuse the proposal in starting but once he saw the power and an abilities of ninja warriors as a monster, the eat the monster cell. Sonic’s revolution doesn’t go as plan and he had actually diarrhea.

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Zombieman S course Rank 8 Hero saw Martial Gorilla Monster hanging on the road and also he is encountered through Armored Gorilla. Armored Gorilla knocked the end Martial Gorilla in one punch, so the Zombieman starts following the Armored Gorilla. Bang and also Bomb room standing top top the rooftop trying to find Garou, Bomb suspect Garou is dead in the heavy strike of monsters in the city. A man came in the office of Hero Association and slowly turning into a monster.