Boost the versatility and also functionality of your skid command loader through installing over the tire (OTT) monitor systems! Monster Tires uses premium high quality OTT track options that will take your skid command to the next level. Ours OTT tracks room compatible through a wide selection of famous skid command brand manufacturers consisting of Bobcat, CAT, Case, man Deere, JCB and also many more! lock are basic to install and remove as needed, generally requiring less than an hour.

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We market both rubber and steel end the tire tracks. Relying on the kind of floor surface and the working conditions of her site, you can choose between these two options as they every offer details advantages on particular terrains.

OTT tracks essentially give you a 2 for 1 deal as you can enjoy the benefits of her skid steer tires once you want and also can also add on OTT tracks for included versatility anytime the need arises. OTT tracks additionally protect your skid steer tires from punctures and damage.

Let’s take it a rapid look at exactly how these two types of OTT tracks to compare so that you deserve to intelligently assess and also choose the much better option for her skid command operations.

Rubber OTT tracks


With rubber OTT tracks, you substantially increase your skid command loader’s traction and flotation capabilities. The deep tread lugs and also patterns give added traction when the wider footprint of the OTT track evens weight circulation of her equipment and also decreases floor pressure, which, in turn, boosts flotation over muddy and sandy terrains.

Here room some benefits of choosing Rubber OTT monitor over stole OTT tracks:

Enhanced Operator Comfort

Rubber OTT monitor guarantee a smoother ride early to reduced vibration and noise levels. The rubber tracks offer a broader ground call area than skid steer tires i beg your pardon minimizes floor pressure and also improves the security of her skid steer as it traverses over uneven terrains. Operator lull is an important to boosting productivity levels and, in turn, maximizing your skid steer’s ROI.

Protects surfaces from Damage

Using rubber OTT tracks over abrasive surfaces like asphalt, concrete and sensitive pavements is appropriate as lock minimize damages over these surfaces. ~ above these varieties of surfaces, you deserve to be sure that there will be no scarring once you use rubber OTT tracks. The very same cannot be said around steel OTT tracks which would damage asphalt, concrete and similar on-road applications. Rubber OTT tracks space perfect for applications that require minimal ground damage such as landscaping wherein turf requirements to be protected or ~ above golf courses and parks.

Enhanced Flotation

In general, both OTT track equipment will provide your skid command loader boosted flotation due to the wider footprint surface ar area, compared to skid command tires. However, rubber OTT tracks room especially an excellent on terrains that require added flotation such as deep mud and also sand. Steel OTT tracks are heavier 보다 rubber tracks and they an ext likely to sink in deep mud. Rubber OTT tracks perform a better job reduce ground push which consequently boosts flotation end muddy and also sandy terrains.

Metal/ steel OTT Tracks

Steel OTT tracks come in both open bar and also closed bar design. Open bar OTT tracks room the most popular kind of stole OTT tracks. They room designed because that maximum traction, through the open up bar style permitting for firmer tight on surfaces. The open up bar style is also an excellent for self-cleaning, as the track is may be to release dirt and also mud that stick ~ above or get lodged in the track together they navigate various terrains.

Below room some benefits that steel OTT tracks have actually over rubber OTT tracks:

Extended Durability

Steel OTT tracks tend to have actually a much longer service life than rubber OTT tracks when offered in abrasive off-road terrains. Steel tracks are tough, maybe to resist rugged, demanding underfoot conditions that would certainly accelerate undertake on your rubber OTT monitor counterparts. Stole OTT tracks space made from premium forged steel the is usually strengthened with additives for included strength. This provides them boosted track life over rubber OTT tracks in demanding terrains.

Optimal performance in aggressive Applications

Steel OTT tracks room specially engineered to take care of rough, an overwhelming terrains wherein abrasive products such together jagged-edged stones or rocks and other rough debris indigenous quarrying and also demolition work might puncture and also damage rubber OTT tracks. Outfit her skid steer v steel OTT tracks if you room working in significant applications such together land clearing, recycling plants, demolition sites, woodland applications and rocky terrains. A typical rubber OTT monitor is more likely to get damaged ~ above such unstable ground conditions.

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Increased Traction in Off-Road Applications

Both rubber and steel OTT monitor provide added traction to skid command loaders. Rubber OTT tracks, all points equal, provides better traction on tough abrasive surfaces prefer asphalt and concrete. Steel OTT monitor with open up bar architecture are particularly ideal in off-road applications that call for extra traction such together soft, muddy terrains, slippery conditions, and also steep slopes or hilly terrains.

Monster Tires provides a wide selection of both steel and rubber OTT skid steer monitor that can be supplied on many skid command loaders available on the market. Our rubber OTT tracks space made from the toughest rubber compounds and also are reinforced with premium steel cables to insurance a longer business life. The stole OTT tracks we market are made from heat-treated, durable, hard steel and can perform effectively in the harshest the conditions. We offer a selection of OTT track options with various tread pattern designs, giving you a variety of alternatives to choose from so that you gain the perfect OTT tracks for your details application(s). Call Monster Tires this day to obtain top top quality OTT tracks at the best deals girlfriend will find anywhere!