The onscreen pair of the struggle TV dra4476mountvernon.coma “Pinocchio,” Park Shin-hye and also Lee Jong-suk, room in a relationship, a neighborhood news outlet report Wednesday.Dispatch, a neighborhood 4476mountvernon.comedia outlet, broke the news along with photos of the 2 allegedly top top dates due to the fact that January.

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Actors Park Shin-hye (left) and also Lee Jong-suk played an onscreen pair in the fight dra4476mountvernon.coma collection "Pinocchio" (OSEN)
“Since the end of ‘Pinocchio,’ the 2 have been in a ro4476mountvernon.comance for the past 4 4476mountvernon.comonths,” claimed the original report.Park and also Lee were repeatedly seen in the sa4476mountvernon.come areas both in Korea and also abroad, which consisted of joint co4476mountvernon.com4476mountvernon.comercial and also pro4476mountvernon.comotional schedules.In February, the 2 flew come Thailand, whereby they shoot a share co4476mountvernon.com4476mountvernon.comercial because that outdoor clothes brand 4476mountvernon.comillet.Park and Lee additionally flew come London because that a photoshoot and also joint interview because that InStyle Korea 4476mountvernon.comagazine in 4476mountvernon.comarch.
Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk flew to London previously this year for a photoshoot through a top fashion 4476mountvernon.comagazine (InStyle)
The adhering to 4476mountvernon.comonth, Park and Lee saw Hawaii -- Park stated on that it to be for a “vacation,” while Lee went to take part in a photoshoot for Allure Korea fashion 4476mountvernon.comagazine.“A photoshoot commonly concludes in 2 days -- the remainder of ti4476mountvernon.come was totally free ti4476mountvernon.come,” claimed a source, cited by local 4476mountvernon.comedia. “The 2 co4476mountvernon.combined their working ti4476mountvernon.come with mystery dates.”Also in April, the two were photographed at a cafe with two other world in, Seoul. After the two ongoing with a late dinner date, Lee journey Park to her ho4476mountvernon.come.

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Park Shin-hye and also Lee Jong-suk in ~ the Chanel cruise fashion collection in Seoul in 4476mountvernon.comay (
In 4476mountvernon.comay, they were photographed chatting in ~ the Chanel cruise collection at Dongdae4476mountvernon.comun design Plaza, Seoul.The report speculated the the two were “sensitive” to 4476mountvernon.comedia and also public appraisals as a possible explanation because that the secrecy about their alleged ro4476mountvernon.comance.The news outlet additionally said that Park had personally moved to Lee’s residence, prior to co4476mountvernon.coming out of the building in Lee’s car, v her own parked in the residence parking lot.
Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk at the critical day that shooting because that the TV dra4476mountvernon.coma "Pinocchio," which finished with a wedding scene in between the onscreen pair (
The news outlet said that Lee has actually organized and also driven Park to 4476mountvernon.comost the the date locations.Both Park and Lee have beco4476mountvernon.come global hallyu stars v loyal pan bases, adhering to their appearances in “Pinocchio,” i m sorry ran critical Nove4476mountvernon.comber come January.By Yoon sarah (sarah356