Parse error: syntax error, unforeseen T_STRING in /home/a4101275/public_html/index.php on heat 9

line 9 is wherein I am making use of the file_get_contents.

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What does the error mean and how carry out I resolve it?



You need to use your escape characters correctly. Girlfriend can"t have actually a single-quote (") inside of a single-quote-encapsulated string. It division it. In bespeak to continue the string and also have PHP translate your inside single-quote literally, you need to escape it through .

$json_url = file_get_contents(""jaipur"&sensor=false"); Or you can use the alternate string encapsulator, double-quote (").

$json_url = file_get_contents(""jaipur"&sensor=false");For future reference, Parse error: syntax error, unforeseen T_STRING usually way you have actually a bad string what on the line.


Why quote it in ~ all? ns can"t imagine the Google API requires (or even expects) that worth to it is in quoted.

$json_url = file_get_contents(""); //line 9Or, is jaipur a variable? If so:

$json_url = file_get_contents("$jaipur&sensor=false"); //line 9Hard come tell indigenous your concern what the is you"re trying come accomplish...


$json_url = file_get_contents(""jaipur"&sensor=false");Or escaping it through


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