Treating a patio door through curtains deserve to be a difficult task. Particularly if you usage the area frequently and also are consistently in and out the the door. Plus, if you want to close the curtains in ~ night, you"ll need an operable treatment. Much more often 보다 not, you"ll desire a one-way attract unless you have actually plenty of wall space at both end of the glass to accommodate the stack of a split-draw rod. Prior to you provide up and also hang a set of upright blinds, you should think about these options.

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Decorative Drapery Pole with Rings

Super easy, basic and elegant, a decorative drapery pole might be a great choice for her patio door, specifically if you"re okay with stacking the drapery on the left and also right. Just around every drapery pole deserve to be join in the facility using a joiner screw or inner splice. Because most patio doors are about ten or eleven feet, you deserve to use two 6 foot poles and a joiner. If girlfriend door is wider, two eight foot poles may be needed instead.

This alternative won"t job-related well because that one-way attract treatments where you"ll require your curtains to move past the facility support. You"ll want to consider a drapery rod that has actually optional bypass rings and bypass brackets that are specifically design to enable the drape to open up past support brackets. Both Kirsch Wrought Iron and Select steel are good collections to consider.

Decorative Traverse Rod

You won"t find an easier way to cave draperies end a patio door 보다 a decorate traverse rod. They just are the very best choice for both functionality and also design. If you"re going come be illustration your draperies daily, you"ll be really glad friend opted because that decorative traverse. Plus, friend won"t have to worry about bypass rings or brackets for a one-way draw. These specialty curtain rods look similar to a decorative hardwood or steel pole, however they run like a heavy duty curtain rod. Truly the very best of both worlds, and they"re built to last.

Heavy Duty Curtain Rod

If you"re thinking about hanging a straightforward fabric valance throughout the height of the patio door, girlfriend can conveniently conceal the operations of a heavy duty curtain stick underneath. You"ll most likely want to use a conventional curtain pole or broad face continent rod because that the valance topper. Simply make sure the clearance that the valance rod is an excellent enough to permit for easy procedure of the hefty duty rod in ~ it.

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hefty duty curtain rods operate simply the exact same as decorate traverse, but they don"t have actually wood or metal fascia top top the front. They room meant to be surprise under a valance. However, there are several types of heavy duty curtain rods the come in shades of steel or bronze that might look great with her interior also without a valance.

Adjustable, pre-made curtain rods are certainly an option. But, you"ll most most likely be far better off in the lengthy run through either a decorate traverse or heavy duty curtain rod.