We"ve heard Peyton Manning song Johnny Cash standard "Folsom jail Blues" in Indianapolis with country stars Luke Bryan and Jake Owen.

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But the Nationwide Insurance solder (and its countless lyrical variations) has arised as Manning"s go-to jam.

The previous Colts quarterback carried the jingle out of the proclaiming realm and into award display season Wednesday night at the CMA Awards, wherein he traded lines with show co-hosts Carrie Underwood and also Brad Paisley.


Written as a seven-syllable ditty — "Nationwide is on your side" — by Steve Karmen in 1969, the jingle is expertly massaged and also modified through Manning.

After Underwood and also Paisley spotted Manning in the CMA Awards audience, the country hitmakers used eight valuation in the jingle"s format to ask, "Are you right here to market insurance?"

Manning jingled back with 12 smooth-rolling syllables: "No, I’m below for one of my favourite singers."

2016 CMA Awards red carpet photos

"Thank you so much. Is that me?" fawned Underwood and also Paisley.

Manning yielded the skit"s beat line: "No, it"s not. It"s Kenny Chesney," only to listen Underwood and also Paisley walk over the optimal with, "Then Eli’s our favourite QB."

Peyton and also his brother, brand-new York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, have actually collaborated on a collection of TV ads because that DirecTV.

CMA Awards: six unforgettable moments

Manning released a series of Nationwide ads, recognized for solder riffs such together "Chicken parm, girlfriend taste for this reason good" and also "Nothing win that new car smell," in 2014. Paisley likewise pitches because that Nationwide.

Later in Wednesday"s telecast, Manning gift Chesney with the CMA Pinnacle Award.

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