This pen the nose on Rudolph game is the perfect Christmas party game for kids. It’s a simple classic that children love every time!

Printable party gamings are a an excellent way to hold a fun and easy vacation party with kids! an excellent for the great or in ~ home, this pen the nose on Rudolph party video game is certain to get kids in the vacation spirit.

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Pin the sleep on Rudolph Printable Christmas Party video game for Kids

When i think earlier to my childhood, I instantly recall time spent with household playing games. Games and also competition were the central point the every family gathering and also holiday, and are undoubtedly some of my favorite memories.

With my own children, playing gamings is among our favorite tasks and party games are the best means to celebrate through friends. Plus, this printable pen the nose on Rudolph Christmas party video game is totally free to download…the perfect combination!

How come play pin the nose on Rudolph:

Download the video game below. This is a totally free and simple printable that simply requires a bit of cutting and also you are ready to play!

1. Location tape top top the ago of Rudolph’s noses.

2. Hang the Rudolph photo on a wall that is roughly eye level to her party guests.

3. Have actually the youngsters line up in single file and blindfold the first child in the line.


4. Provide them Rudolph’s nose and gently rotate them around three time (optional).

5. Allude the blindfolded son towards Rudolph and also ask them to location the sleep on Rudolph.

6. Note the spot where they areas the nose through their name, or compose the child’s name on the sleep that they attached.

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7. When every child has had a turn, the boy with the nose closest come the correct place wins!

*Laminate the pen the sleep on Rudolph pieces to play through this over and over again!


Print the pen the sleep on Rudolph Christmas party video game by clicking the photo below.