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In this issue: The Rabbit Hole Gallimaufry man Ben Schott on wearing only a smile, sex Erin Gloria Ryan sings the praises of the IUD, Interwatch Rachel Maddow on freaky GOP candidates, Hillary’s tractor beams and the presidential election, Myla Dalbesio The model-photographer teaches a understand course in the sexiest of selfies and more....!!!

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January/February 2017

December 2016

The Music Room

Guests of the Enderbys receive a special kind of hospitality in this brief story influenced by the Edward Hopper paint Room in New York.

December 2016

He Wants to Watch

Some males are asking their wives to have actually sex via various other males while they watch. And some womales are saying yes.

December 2016

the following sexual revolution

orgasmic meditation. webcams.nonmonogamy. emily witt explores these people and even more in her book future sex, an eye-opening survey of the methods we come together and obtain off in the21stcentury. the brooklyn-based writer spoke via us about the substantial concerns we’ll be asking ourselves as we enter the post-tinder phase of the sex-related radvancement and made a few guesses as to the pleasures and also trials we’ll encounter. every one of us—particularly directly men—have to take heed.

november 2016


The best of intentions may not be enough to aid to hopeful but hapless husband discover his wayward wife.

September 2016

The Rise and Fall of Loon

Chauncey “Loon” Hawkins was Harlem hustler nobility, a hit-writer for Puff Daddy and also a vital component of the Bad Boy Records household. He looks ago at the wave that took him and also the wreckage it left behind.

September 2016

Fopower Relations: How To Score A Date Around the World

A globe-trotting guide to hooking up, hanging out and also sexting about the people, with the must-have actually dating apps, must-recognize pickup lines and also professional tips that will break any kind of language obstacle.

May 2016

How Jazz Saved Hip-Hop Again

The story of two South Los Angeles music scenes and also Kendrick Lamar's genre-bending album To Pimp a Butterfly.

May 2016

Casey Neistat - YouTube's Favorite Vlogger

For the YouTube genius who snowboarded with Times Square, life in New York hasn't always been a viral joyride.

May 2016

Keegan-Michael Key on Obama, Religion and Life After 'Key & Peele'

With Key &Peelebehind him and also his initially marquee movie role (alongside a do-rag-sporting kitten) out this month, the comedian paprovides to talk race, religion and also Hamlet’s anger translator.

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May 2016

Is Lagos the Many Dangerous Party City On the Planet?

WithNigerianmusic influencing America hip-hop and also EDM, AdamSkolnicktravels to the human being funding ofAfropopand also finds a city that's both captivating andconflicted.